Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody! The vape on the review block today is not new to the market but it is new to me, the Atmos Jump! Atmos is an interesting company as they are essentially an importer / distributer which means the products that have their name on them are usually developed by a third party. Due to this, Atmos products tend to be hit and miss, the Jump however, is one of those hits!

The Jump is a rebranded original IMAG which is a very good thing as the IMAG (and later IMAG+) is still one of the more popular entry level vaporizers on the market. What makes this vape so good is the combination of ease of use and build quality. With just one button and one preset temperature you really have to go out of your way to not have a good time with the Jump.

With a nice size chamber and a 4 minute auto shut off there is not a whole lot not to like about the Jump! If you’d like more information or would like to get one of your very own then check out the product page

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ejchief97 says:

Can anyone tell me if this produces true vapor? Does it have combustion?

99KingKoopa says:

How many hits are in the bowl and how much does the bowl hold

CA VG says:

Hi pal, thanks for this video, very useful. I’ve literally just received my Atmos Vape Pen, the first Vape pen I’ve ever had. I’ve followed all the instructions in the manual and tutorial videos like yours, but every time I take a drag, almost nothing happens? I don’t feel anything going in, and a very tiny amount of smoke comes out…does that sound right? I already had a joint earlier, so can’t really tell if it’s had much of an effect, though I can definitely feel something slightly different.

Higor Ferreira says:

it’s a conduction or convection vaporizer? I was told that is a convection type, being that’s the type that i’m looking for. Sorry about the english. Nice review.

Herman WasHere says:

I got 2 questions,
1. Does the pen smoke after the session?
2. Does the person(you) smell after smoking from the pen?
Response would be great! Thanks

Higor Ferreira says:

it’s a conduction or convection vaporizer? I was told that is a convection type. Sorry about the english. Nice review.

Evi Schwartz says:

can you put tobacco in herb vaporizers

Rican Havoc42 says:

just bought this today. thanks for the vid

Meeks Man says:

how high do these get u?

Bryan Hurst says:

I appreciate this review; we bought this vape pen recently, and in general I like it, but… we NEVER seem to get the amount of vapor you get in this video. I know it’s different than e-cigs, and even different than tabletop vaporizers, but still… it doesn’t seem to draw very easily. One thing that would’ve probably helped is if you had shown in the video where you are packing the chamber – I’d like to get a better idea how much should go in, and how loosely/tightly the herb is packed. I know everyone says “don’t pack it too tightly” but that’s kind of subjective, isn’t it? And cleaning the mouthpiece and the filter inside of it – that little filter gets pretty resiny pretty quick, and the Atmos website implies that the filter isn’t really cleanable. (I have emailed their customer service for clarification.) All in all, I think the potential is there for this to be a great device, but I could use better/more clear information on its use and care. Thank you!

qiang yang says:

Atmos Pillar is a good vaporizer, it is really quite good, I have a review of the vaporizer, you can check my web page at

ejchief97 says:

Can the left over weed from this be used as abv?? Anyone please answer if you know thanks

George Thompson says:

how many hits do you get after each fill

Jose Rodriguez says:

This review was absolutely what I needed as a first time buyer, Thank you!

Tommy Clayman says:

help help help helpppp i dont know how this works…. do i have to smoke all the weed in the chamber at once? or can i turn it on and off and use it throughout the day?

April Wilcher says:

Love this review. Answered all my questions. Thanks!

Alex Nuñez says:

Is it normal to have thin clouds? I don’t like that, after 3 hits it almost vaporize nothing

B Sklad says:

a great review for a confused/overwhelmed first time buyer. I am deciding to make the switch for the sake of my lungs. Thanks for this!

mapleLIFE says:

Im getting this soon in the mail!!!!


Does this combust? I’m trying to not smoke it

Andy Birling says:

Can’t wait to get this, I love the black carbon fiber.

KAy5 se says:

This guy looks like my English teacher

ctnative203 says:


Tooth and Nail INC. says:

How quickly does the smell of this disperse, on average?

jake snake says:

don’t waste your money. i got where i needed to go 10x faster with my cheap one hitter. peace

Devastator 3k says:

do these get you higher than smoking out of a bowl or joints? I Just got out the navy and all these vaporizers started while i was in so I’m new to it


What’s the white ceramic screen for? Can I use without it?

david blair says:

seems like it just burns mine without a flame

A/B Lynch says:

Would have liked to see you load it

Taylor corbin says:

Would you recommend this or the apx pulsar?

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