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The Arizer Solo has been hailed as the King of Portable Vaporizers. It has a reputation for being rock solid and long lasting. It comes with multiple stems to choose from, and features great conduction vapour. The battery life is great for a portable, and it offer multiple temperature options. Arizer makes from portable vaporizers, is this one you should get? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!


0:18 Components Of Kit
3:50 Stems
5:59 How To Pack A Bowl
7:27 Heat Settings
12:16 Beep Function
12:51 Accessories
14:04 Flexibility
14:55 Cleaning The Unit
16:48 Battery Life
18:38 Heat Up Time
20:09 Quality Of Vapour
22:19 Durability
24:07 Efficiency
26:20 Stealth Factor/Size
31:50 Final Thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Hraptor says:

About running it through water I wouldn’t be so eager, the water definitely removes a lot of desired parts from the vapor.

Strik9mind says:

“That’ll getcha where your going” love it.

Donald Trump says:

you have 7 cycles of 12 minutes of battery life, thats why when you turn it on it flashes you the cycles you have left*

Sean Satterlee says:

Don’t watch this stoned.

GuffbagZ says:

Hey man just wanted to say I just received my Arizer Solo today and I based my decision on getting it heavily on your video. It’s so well done and includes everything you need to know – I find myself rewatching it now to remind myself of a couple of bits. So I just wanted to say thanks for the really informative and well made video – great job! Oh and man do I crack up when you cough on the second toke and say “That’ll get you where you’re going.” Greetings from the UK!

Fossil98 says:

So, I like all that you said about it but has there been something since 2011 that trumps it?

Jimbo TM says:

awesome review. That bong stem thing is cool as hell!

M1981A says:

I own it and it’s just a great piece of hardware. I also have the ground glass adapter to use in my small bong. It makes the vapor smoother.

Capone D says:

my gf bought me one of these for my b day the one I got and assume the newer models, you can use it while it’s plugged in 😀

JakFrostwolf says:

i have a crafty and a solo. the crafty has no draw resistance and cooler/cleaner vapor, but the solo gets me just as high for half the price.

YippieKiYaayy says:

Thanks so much buddy! Definitely helped me learn how to use my new arizer solo better! 😀

Jimbo TM says:

LOOL you got a subscribe just for that toyota camry reference hahaha

Jimmy Chadwick says:

Thank you so much, buddy. I’m gonna take a quick look around the www and probably, maybe, going to be buying one of these puppys from your site. I really do appreciate hearing your thorough, thorough reviews. This is going to be my baby.

edward sumner says:

how many drags can you get from a bowl?

TDVlogs The diamond vlogs says:

I need help should I get this Arizer solo or a HerbalAire 2.0

John .Eiring says:

I just received mine in the mail . It’s charging now. Can’t wait to try it. I got it on eBay for $115USD and free shipping. I ordered a Divinci first and it arrived DOA. I’m glad it did. After everything I learned since returning it, I believe this is a far superior unit…and for only $30 more than the Davinci. Your review was probably the best review, on anything, I’ve ever seen. Thank you! I’ll be watching the rest of your videos soon.

DatL3afN1nja says:

Great review! I can’t wait till mine gets here!

James Peltier says:

Just picked one up! Can’t wait to use it

xxwafflez says:

Good review, but i just wish your upper thighs werent in the shot/you were long pants.

natebot321 says:

Man now I REALLY can’t wait for it to come in the mail after hearing all the great things you’ve said about it 🙂
Fantastic review Pete!

Flabby Gooch says:

I hope you plan on pursuing a career in marketing, because you turned my opinion around completely. I’m very excited to order one now, even though half an hour ago I was really skeptical.

The Dude says:

Great little review there bud!

Luis Flores says:

Feel like I’m starring into your junk not cool

Seth K says:

You mentioned that you use it at a football game. Assuming you use the lowest setting, would someone sitting right next to you even know it’s weed?

Vicky Spit says:

Yup, just bought one! Now.. What would be your fave vape pen? Top 3 in case the price point is beyond my budget. I look forward to your answer, thanks!

DatL3afN1nja says:

haha I like this guy

rsels14 says:

diggin the hardcase

gerry lazar says:

thanks for the tutorial I appreciated it – picked it up today..always used papers..this is truly amazing

Gullafrumpton S says:

best review I’ve found (IMO), thanks mate

FR QD says:

Bro are these good for pressed hash?

Zach Celetti says:

This was one of the most informative/entertaining reviews I’ve ever seen. Ordering mine right now.

Jason Rosales says:

Great in-depth review! I rarely comment but had to for this one. Thanks bro

11lockheed says:

Thanks so much for the review, best one I have seen for this product! I finally realized that I should be taking care of my lungs more and this review convinced me to buy it!

Ch Santos says:

Bro, mine doesnt turn on. I feel so frustrated, I just Found mine after a year o so. It charges, and the lights do turn on. Until I try to turn it on. No beep, not a single response when I press both buttons


Very thorough review man, well done. I just got a new one from a clinic, ~$200 (they didn’t carry the cases) and so far it works great. It came with 2 stem caps in the box so no need to buy them……and it indicates in the instruction booklet under “Charging”, “Unit can be used when plugged into charger”, so maybe it’s a newer version. Would be nicer if charger plugged into side instead of bottom so unit could stand upright while charging. Regarding warranty: Lifetime on heater, 2 yrs parts and labour against defects or workmanship, and one year on the lithium battery. Happy vaping. Peace.

Rangevolt726 says:

How do u put it in stealth mode please lmk asap

jj jj says:

Wow this is one of the greatest reviews I’ve ever seen man, smoking off one of these right now cheers.

Gail M says:

Thanks for the very informative video.  You helped me pick out the one for me and also how to use it properly… 🙂

Ra Denney says:

“If I had a third thumb I would give it to the Solo”
I thought that was what this camera angle was for?

Bob Schneugimheimer says:

How much does the vape smell after use?

DashCam Accident/Dumb Drivers says:

you can use it when it’s plugged in, you have to turn it on first then plug it in. I’ve been doing that for years lol

Baba Bootay says:

i’ve had mine for a few years. the thing is a fucking champion. this is a legit review, good job.

Manuel Neuer says:

It’s “Auh-rizer”, not “air-rizer”. Just FYI. Great video.

Ace88 says:

How do I know when it reached the desired temperature?

Cole Byre says:

These sell used on Craigslist for $50. Gonna buy one tomorrow and pick up a new stem for $15 from my local store. So stoked to try this thing especially with a bong attachment.

FR QD says:

Just saw the part that you mention that you can, but do I just throw the hash in there or do I do something so that it doesn’t go inside the machine when it melts???

ameer bassa says:

U are the best

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