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Arizer Air
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The Arizer Air 2 has a tough act to follow. The Arizer Air is a legendary portable for it’s ease of use, vapour production and small size. The Air 2 carries on that legacy, improving on everything the previous device offered. A new OLED screen allows for easier device control, and it now features single degree temperature adjustment. It’s still a vapour powerhouse, and the battery time has been improved despite this power. But is it a necessary upgrade for current Arizer Air owners? Join me as I answer these questions and much more!

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Usama Asad says:

I’m torn between the solo 2 and the air 2. I’m leaning towards the air 2 because of portability and battery, however my main priority is vapor production. Based on what I’ve read you state the solo 2 performs better vapor production wise. Could you clarify please?

Lana Lana says:

Please do a review on the
New AR Go by Arizer..please? Thx

Condensation says:

Does it come with the charger or do you have to buy it?

Deejay Gurra says:

My boundless cfx just stopped working and I was thinking about getting this one instead. What do you think?

Eron Ibarra says:

What is the bowl chamber made from

Steve M. says:

Arizer kinda snuck this unit out behind the Solo 2, not much hype with this release. Excellent review, did you notice the draw restriction was different on this versus the OG Air?

Turko MDF says:

Great video quality, very informative!

… but still can’t decide if air2 or solo2 is the right choice :p

Dominic da Costa says:

Everyone is sleeping on arizer but in my opinion since the solo this company has been the best in many ways for a while, I find it absolutely insane how much praise certain shittier vapes get…
*Cough* *cough* pax *cough* *cough*

wanted4killling says:

Will the stem bubbler fit on the original air well?

Loque says:

Should I replace my Crafty with this?

Matej Duranovic says:

Is airpath completely isolated

XtreemeUser says:

Dream Theater very quietly playing in the background.
You sneaky bastard.

Gio The Burrito says:

Quick question but I’ve checked their website and cannot find that bubbler attachment where would I go to purchase one? And as always amazing review!

Greilzrasdanth 1 says:

At 1st was like, these just look like a sleeker design but when you mentioned the dimples then realized they really took the customers thoughts into consideration.

John Brunton says:

one thing i cant figure out is how far youre supposed to push the cylinders in. or if its preference. It looks like just a o ring type seal and i can push my glass all the way down until it contacts the metal

MadMatt says:

Is that Ytse Jam in the background?

Matt Brewer says:

I’ve owned 3 arizer airs 2 first gens and a 2ng gen on the way, i refuse to use anything else, best on the market, i buy through puffitup and they hooked me up with an air 2 a grinder an extra stem, a big ass sack of screens and a water pipe for 215, hard to beat that

Humberto Neto says:

How is the heater compared with the solo2? Is it the same?

Just wished they had a better way to carry the mouthpiece to be properly portable.. It would be my top choice for portable vaporizer if they fixed that..

Cameron G says:

Could you tell me how large the bubble straw is? Im really interested in having a super portable bubbler like that but only if I could slip it into my skunk guard warrior case.
Not worried about width just about length/ how tall it is.

MrWthisthis100 says:

My air 1 has those dimples on the heating chamber? 😮

Jay Sprezz says:

Most herbs, other than weed, aren’t going to stay in the stem.

Greenlightvapes Offical says:

Hey Pete,

We love your review style,how to get your review for G9 products?Looking response, Thanks.

Ana Stacia says:

What grinder are you using?

Calam Transgression says:

Is it worth upgrading??

nerud s says:

Does it still use the rubber holding tube like version 1. I am afraid it is risky for health.

The Jester77 says:

Excellent review!!! It was well worth the wait!!!

Noumenon Drift says:

is this worth upgrading from the original Air????

AllenStarkwell says:

The Air 2 battery it’s compatible with the Air??

shesdoinit says:

great video.

East Korea says:

Should I buy the air 2 or solo 2? Pricing is not a main concern

East Korea says:

arent arizer products a conduction/convection hybrid? you said that it was just conduction

Pavel Skop says:

Hi, can I ask you for help? Im doing research and Im looking for something which you can load with 0.2g..just like for personal use.

Darren Carton says:

I just got an arizer solo 2 and how can i tell if its fake or not, or is it the air i should worry about?

GraveyardLemons says:

Where can I find longer stems for the arizer air 2?

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