Alternative Smoking Herbs with Hempsley Health

Smoke it if you got it! On this episode of the 420 Science Club Gary and Brandon load their pipe with some other kinds of herbs. Kristen Williams teaches us what else we can smoke besides weed.

There are tons of other plants that have beneficial and enjoyable effects when you roll them up or pack them into a pipe. We try some of those as well as some good ganja.

What kind of herbs can you smoke? Here is a list: Mullein, Damiana, Skullcap, Lavender, Peppermint, Hops, Sage, Rosse, and Mugwort are all classic smoking herbs.
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Kody Cadwellstein says:

Have yall ever smoked wormwood or lotus flowers, these two things are legal in missouri at least in my city, i called the popos from a pay phone to see, yall could drink kava or smoke it but no one talks about smoking wormwood or kava but they seem to make me feel good, well wait there are kava dabs, i mainly drink kava in very large amounts, try drinking this alcohol kinky pink it tastes good, tried smoking and drinking kratom it dont do much it tastes like shit so i sprinkle it on stuff i smoke i did smoke weed from age 12 to 27 without skipping one day, but i had to stop my attorney told me the courts will be testing me to see if can go sttaght to parole, so even though i just love telling men with face tats if any one tries to fuck me ill bite their nose off, i think ill just stop smoking green for a minute, im smoking wormwood for 1rst time today it seems alright, kava is awesome in large amounts being drank, lotus flowers are like reggie, kratom is my least favorite i would compare it to smoking coleus leaves (im probably spelling that wrong) i might try the shit from this video that isnt for taste, try mango scoto from the earl stevens wine colletion (earl stevens is E-40) it might be the best wine you ever try

Swedish satanist movement says:

Why am I watching this?

Brain Dead says:

sMoKe HeRbS eVeRyDaY

CJHissle says:

Now whats the best place to buy these plants from? I’m very intrigued

Jonathan Bishop says:

The first thing I smoked was Spearmint.It actually tastes good.It tastes like mint still.

Taylor Warren says:

Like especially like just like you just like if you like just please like like our video and just like have this like just like good like day

Bairett Guillen says:

I have to quit weed for awhile. I miss having something to smoke but I refuse to turn to cigs. Good to know I’ve got better options 🙂

hudson says:

like like like like

Joshua Porch says:

I make herbal blends all the time. I live in an illegal state but THC doesn’t suit my fancy except in tiny amounts so I have researched the strongest legal herbs (other than weed) and make extracts out of them and vape or used to smoke the extracts. Sometimes I’ll do enhanced leaf, like 5X up to 20X, because my dry herb vape doesn’t hold much more than 150mg of most herbs. I make blends for all sorts of different medical issues or just for recreation. I’ve even accidentally made one that’s too strong for ME unless I keep the vaping dosage below 50mg of it. FOR REAL!

Roselena Veragova says:

This is a BIG help! My weed man moved & I live in NC so I’ve been smoking mugwart which is known in the occult community but doesn’t take the edge off I needed only aids lucid dreams.

HI213SAVAGE says:

I am one with asthma so I will certainly try it

Nathan Explosion says:

Can you smoke rosemary or parsley?

The Alpha Pack says:

You should try white sage I smoke a joint every morning before meditation

Michael Hassan says:

Is rosemary leaves get me high?

Daniel Pue says:

I smoke mint

Tyler Tyler says:

Can u git high off of them

Louis C Lexvi says:

Try this. Base herb:2/4 damiana (real turnera diffusa), support herb2/4: lemon balm leaf
Flavor enhancer(sprinkle in): sifted hops resin.
CAUTION: may induce sedation, goofiness and mental clarity all at once.
Perfect blend for relaxing or hiking.

amy.dollxx says:

The best stuff to smoke if you have to quit weed is the “Calm” herbal blend from

Elevated Emotions says:

She has some in her hair

Zelex says:

Does anyone know if you can smoke tarragon?

Slavanin says:

Smoke dried kaffir leaves

Dot Calm x says:

Thanks so much.

jay man says:

But does it get you high?!

8BallMaster says:

Does it get u high

Sheen Way says:

Anyone experience smoking or using liverwort

don johnson says:

Most legal herbs do nothing for me other than burn my throat and give a headache. I recently found something on eBay though that gave a buzz called Buddha blend that has hemp and some skullcap/lotus extracts.. definitely seems like extracts can make these otherwise weak herbs much stronger.

Nolan Medley says:

What about oregano

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