60 Second THC E Liquid Tutorial

A highly condensed version of my Marijuana E liquid Tutorial for people with ADD 🙂 Be sure to watch my other videos for more details.
The Kit can be purchased here- https://760glass.com/collections/diy-herbal-e-liquid-kits


Slk seeds Usa says:

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Smokey! DK says:

Finally!.. Video saved for life!

Shaz Khadem says:

Would this work with kief?

King Payaso says:

Wait so was that wax?

Joseph Sabry says:

Are this will get me high?

Indie In The Blood says:

how do i make the concentrate ? been smoking cbd oil as its legal in uk, but not thc! I do have access to marijuana if thats how its made, just need a video or something to show me how 😀 as would be much more happy to vape it!

dfss csss says:

I feel like the E-cig would not heat up the thc enough to decarb it. If the weed was already decarbed it would work probably but I don’t see this working to get someone high with straight thc. Just a complete waste of money and time, am I right or wrong?

Meme Star says:

Where can you buy the concentrate

my nama damn Daniel says:

is it safe with 50 mg juice?

Daniel Peters says:

35 bucks for the kit.. that’s cheap

DarkF4k3 says:

Can y ou get high with this?can it be used with different e-cig or atomizers? Thanks

GW fisher says:

Not impressed with this stuff at all .For some reason after smoking about a quarter tank my stuff gets dark and cartridge starts leaking . Anyone else having this issue, any suggestions.

WhereThereDude says:

What’s EJ mix? regular juice?

Dimitri Weber says:

Cant you get more ML’s out of it if you use the same amount of weed and dont care Bout flavour?

Brandon Smith says:

1:1 makes your nose burn. try 1g : .5ml

Joshua Garza says:

dude do you have a patreon cause id love to support you.

Justin Little says:

For anyone needing a step by step tutorial of how to make this the best, the most potent, and the tastiest possible. I’ve been making this thc liquid for months and have perfected the method.

Step 1: sterilize all tools and glass

Step 2: wash utensils with soap and hot water for 2 minutes

Step 3: wash again with cold water for 5 minutes

Step 4: take 35 drops of the ejmix per 1g of oil and put it into a shot glass like instructed(DO NOT PUT WAX IN YET)

Step 5(optional)(EDIT: DON’T USE REGULAR VAPE JUICE, Use the terpene solution they sell on the website, works way better): use 10 drops of the terpene solution for every 1g of oil.

Step 6: put in the microwave for 20 seconds

Step 7: take out and put it in low heat water bath for 1 minute

Step 8: wash bottom of shot glass with cold water without getting water in it, for 2 minutes to cool it down and help it fuse so it’s not seperated

Step 9: put in the 1g of oil and put in microwave for 18 seconds (do this 3 times and stir a lot, space them out for every 5 minutes put it in for 18 seconds. Do step 8 in between each one and what’s left will be extremely tasty and potent liquid)

If this helped make sure to like so others can see it and be informed as well.

The knife guy says:

Might be a stupid question but would it make you high

steve papp says:

Rip off…save your money

Best Music says:

This wouldn’t work in juul pods/or sourin would it? Ik it takes salt nic juice so would that be a problem

Alilamar Washington says:

Do you need that ej mix

B. Jostes says:

What is the shelf life for this? I read somewhere that it’ll get dark with age and not taste as good thanks for sharing your Technique

Fox Mcloud says:

I wonder if you could mix that with your favorite e juice flavor.

Gabe Adkins-Lamb says:

Where is the best place to order concentrate online?

PcWizard says:

Will this work with hash. And can i can i har regaluar e juice as disolvant the i juce i wanna mix with is 70vg and 20 pg

Jay Ty says:

A 760 where can I get the kit.

Justice Served says:

Do you have to use ej mix? I wanna make e juice but I want it to be scented/flavored too. Could I add flavoring to it?

Tate Silva says:

Check out Waxejuice.com they have some really nice premixed liquidizer, great for turning concentrates into ejuice.

Stealth Spartan5 says:

1 question.. do I need EJ mix or can I use my fav vape juice that has no nicotine instead?

lol says:

Does it get you stoned and also what’s EJ juce is it just normal vape juice

The knife guy says:

What kind of concentrate is it

Stefan Jensen says:

wouldve gone with, the double boiler method, to be sure not to kill of any cdb or thc, but great product 😀

Gyung - Hwan Jung says:

? if you microwave wax, wouldn’t that burn a lot of THC out???

steve papp says:

This stuff is a waste and the pen you get is more of a waste…save your money…

약 약 says:

where could i get concentrate?

Amelia aka Panda says:

What’s the different between EJ mix and The Potion?

hogboy33 says:

Ever used pressed rosin with ej mix? And if you did was it winterized

Corey Jampetro says:

I’m confused pls help me pls get contact me and help me I keep mess in up

Cory Richard says:

Did you get high?

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