🌿 Portable Aromatherapy 🌿 for Stress & Anxiety | MONQ Review


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MONQ is an organic, natural, tobacco free, nicotine free, way to experience the benefits of Aromatherapy.
Simply open a MONQ and breathe in the Therapeutic Air that your MONQ diffuses.
They offer 7 blends, each of which provides an amazing effect, like relaxation, or an energy boost.


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calligirl11697 says:

I wanna try it but I’m still nursing and will be for 4 more months

EpicGamer_ Jack says:

I love the green ones the most.

shaista pathaani says:

loveeee your hair color

CadyQuacks says:

This is something I would LOVE! My mom would doubt it and say no. How should I describe to her.

Tomas Echenique says:

I’m confused is it an e cigarette or not

BeautyFanatic27 says:

Do you turn it on?

Jack 0 says:

Actually it works just like an “ecigarette” but it does not contain nicotine or diacitol. It is a vape, but it is a vape that gives only benefits (besides a lack of oxygen). Just wanted to point this out.

Athanasios Galanis says:

pot is natural and more effective

MyriadCharm says:

I smoked weed to self medicate for my anxiety and insomnia but now that I have a drug test coming up I’ve picked up my old coping habit; cigarettes :/ I’m trying to quit cigs while cutting down my drug usage. Hopefully this will help since they’re quite pricey. Thanks for your review! It was really helpful.

Lmao Idek says:


*Read more*

Becky Mcg says:

Can u still use them if u are under 18

Martin Jacquemyns says:

Just saying but is it changes your mood, it’s a drug..
and they even have one with kava in it which is definitely a drug xD
but drugs are good, do drugs

Travis S says:

I do like this idea for people who have a hard time smoking weed cuz that causes too much anxiety for them… Have to resort to smokable tea blends etc so this isn’t a bad idea just the price is what gets you.

Elizabeth The MAGNIFICENT says:

I will definitely be trying the zen one. I have such bad anxiety, I’ve had to quit my previous job because I was having so many anxiety attacks!

Hotdog Williams says:

Do you have to replace them?

Jamie Taylor says:

Looks good but it is a vaporiser. Both use Vegetable glycerin as a main component and that clicking sound is an atomiser heating up

Del Rey says:

ur hair iz peachy and i like it i honestly probably most likely gonna dye my hair dis color

Elizabeth Murphy says:

I really wanted to get a Monq bc of my anxiety and i was trying to persuade my mom but she kept insisting it was a vape or an e-cig. She was on the fence.. until I showed her this video. I ordered mine today and can’t wait to try it! 🙂

Bethany Hold says:

Harry Potter 4 life!

Maddison Young says:

Can you do like tricks with these? I mean they are just a form of a vape right ? Or no.?

Joshua HasADHD says:

Or is she gonna talk for hours

Paulo César says:

Can i get it in Orlando, FL?? Like in a store or pharmacy

Rose says:

Weed is great for anxiety, just saying

PokeMineLive ' says:

I am a kid and u gave used a this a few times. I have extreme anxiety and some depression and my mom allowed me to order one. this is because it is completely safe. I gave her the money so she can get it. there is no nicotine or anything. it is completely safe and legal, even for a kid.

GameAddictPlays says:

what is she on ahahah

~ Alyssa Bon ~ says:

you actually dont inhale it to your lungs… you hold it in your mouth and then you release it from your nose, it works better that way, it says on the monq .com page

Mrs. Yuuna says:

You mean…. I can give this to my children?

Danielle Albers says:

I’ve using monq, healthyvapes, and nutrovapes-all of them work wonderfully. My husband wonders why I use them and I told him “because my work stresses me out so much that my ptsd is acting up. This helps me control without therapy and medication.” He has tried a few of them and he has notice a big difference in feeling more relax then before. I want my sister to try them because she has anxiety and smokes regular cigarettes.

Bridgit says:

wait so can teens use it???

Weronika Czarnecka says:

How long you can use one Monq ? How much ml are inside one of them ?

Joshua HasADHD says:

Is she actually gonna inhale it

Nathan Jalowiec says:

I wanna get one but my parents probably won’t let me

BreeZy says:

How can I convince my mom to buy me one of these for my stress?

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