Volcano Vaporizer Ten-Foot Bag // 420 Science Club


Get ready for an erruption of fun! We finally review the Volcano that we’ve been selling for forever now.

We all know how badass these are. Gary and Brandon tak about the best and not so best parts of owning a Volcano and why it’s still the most badass thing you can vaporize cannabis with.
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Tech Specs/Credits:
2 Canon 6d front cams A & B
Canon XA10 close-up cam
Rode nstg2 mic
Cowboy studio fluorescent lights
Edited on Adobe Premiere
Editor/Director Andrew
Writer /Actor
Actor / Producer Gary
Executive Producer Sarah
Camera Operator Brett


Tryptamino Globin says:

You probably wont remember my criticism about your show, but i’m really starting to dig the little ways you’ve been trying to make it more interesting. the vaporwave for example, Please keep diversifying and progressing your show! it definitely makes it much better

Xathrid tech says:

When they are a cop

Dylan Kirby says:

This is ridiculous and i love it

Dude McGuybro says:


Flimsy Staple says:

Straight Dope! Oh yeaaah!

Third Gear NO FEAR says:

Ive been doing this since the Volcano came out. we had a 15 foot bag

BIG LEN says:

You guys are awesome

Andrew Kimmey says:

You two are the best. I love your chemistry lol <3

Isaac Clodfelter says:

Volcanoes are actually warm.

Anthony Chavez says:

Love the channel … hate hate the new straight dope thing .. please get rid of it

Robert Dedman says:

Hey I know this is late. But holy crap y’all left the pod on top of a 368 degree device for like the duration of the video. IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE INSTRUCTION CARD TO NOT LEAVE THE POD THING ON TOP, just had to say it in case people repeat y’alls mistakes. Love the channel and love the video! I got mine 2 years ago, it’s a digit

xapoliz vieira says:

More vape!

yixnorb says:

Should be a separate mouthpeice for each person during parties. Otherwise it’s like kissing everyone in the room.

amays86 says:

Straight Dope t shirts!!!!!! make it happen! Straight Dope and Dinosaur on front….ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!!!! on the back

Flimsy Staple says:

Loving the CannaWave!!

Matthew Rivera says:

I love the “straight dope” dinosaur lol gets me every time. Love the videos guys keep em coming!

orlando Gutierrez says:

You guys are lit af!

yixnorb says:

Looks like an early Star Trek prop. Yet another reason why I love it.

Gabriel Mesquetez says:

They put bowls on the wrong vape

PCVXD says:

I didn’t know the ideal temperature was dependent on how cured the weed is. Here in the Netherlands most of the weed from the coffeeshops is cured too short. Should the temperature be higher or lower for shorter cures?

Yerson Molina says:

Insane xd jellow guys from chile here!!!

Maciej Maciejewicz says:

2:07 is that Brandon without filters? xD

yixnorb says:

Balloon animals made of vape bags?

Jaime Rivera says:

The channels getting better from last year that’s for sure.

amays86 says:

What is Brandon’s ethnicity?? I’ve always been curious. he’s a snazzy looking dude…

Mauricio Sandoval says:

Any thoughts on the Herbalizer? How does it compare to the Volcano other than the price?

Phuck Hugh says:

Great episode. Yeah Volcano is the hands down best desktop vaporizer there is. Got that German engineering. Built to last.

scott sturgis says:


cr0nosphere says:

or ya know, take one dab.

timbo Deckler says:

jeff is a great actor!

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