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A full review of the Volcano desktop vaporizer. This Volcano review includes features, how-to-use/tutorial, vape demo session, pros/cons and my recommended place to buy from.

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agentbuckwheat says:

Only real con is the price then, the others listed really aren’t a big deal. You pay for quality.

haltzy says:

Dude clocked in at 20 words/second

craigs 77462a says:

Awesome review, straight and to the point. Unlike some other reviews that just go on and on.

Ghtrvsa says:

The Volcano is a great vaporizer without a doubt. Personally it’s expensive and I’m not big on the huge bags. Great for a small group but by yourself it’s just to much for me personally. Now I prefer my Arizer Air as it’s compact, can take it almost anywhere and I think the taste of the “product” is better with it.

NWgunzNbud says:

I just bought a classic w a solid valve and roll of bags off Craigslist for $160. It looks brand new! The BEST vaporizer I’ve ever used.

Alexander Wilde says:

I got my digit and solid state valve for $512

John says:

I never really liked smoking weed, I did do it for a while but stopped cause it was just gross in my opinion…this seems to be a clean healthy way to consume THC.. 🙂

michael gonzalez says:

The coil in the vape causes cancer

Allen Piper says:

Thanks for your honest opinion and time. This has been a great assist. Appreciated

Naisthehaze says:

is the fan noise of the volcano a lot louder than the extreme q? or is it like fan speed 3 of the extreme q? i want to buy one, but i don’t like noisy stuff. Thank you for your great work.

Dani Foffa says:

I ve had my Volcano for a few weeks now but I was never able to get anywhere near the smoke density you reached at 5.30. Any chance you could let me know which herb and the quantity that was used? Or any other tips to get there?

Richard Powell says:

What valve did everyone go with? I’m leaning more towards the easy valve.

Roger Fielder says:

The classic is better than the digital model. It is less of a fiddle increase to the vaping temperature using the knob. Storz & Bickle recommend that you increase the temperature setting after filling every bag. This ensures you vaporize all the all the resin in your herb. If you are vaping at a set temperature you are wasting a lot of good weed. If you can get high on the duff you discard after vaping you are not using the machine correctly. Use the temperature setting to control the density of vapour and increase it after every bag. This is a very efficient way of consuming weed, it will last much loner and get you higher than you would from smokingit. This is a great vape.

Mario Machuca says:

Quick question I don’t know much about vaporizers but I’m wondering if it keeps it from smelling up the house?

Lisa Corey says:

Thank-you so much! This was so helpful!!

Xlodinger says:

Went amsterdam recently and tried one of these bad boys with some fallen angel, it was like getting high for the first time again, was on top of the world.

DraculA AlucarD says:

It’s only three minutes….

Jordan Seaben says:

How is it on the lungs? I suffered from a lung collapse and am looking for alternatives that won’t irritate my lungs.

maniac1031 says:

I just got mine and I’m not getting nearly as much visible vapor and by the 3rd bag there is almost none. Am I overpacking my bud?

joes347 says:

Can you do dry herb and concentrate at the same time?

Bryan Naylor says:

You spelled out exactly what I was wondering which is the difference between the attachments. Thank you.

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

nice review!  those looks like some tasty bags

Jakob Johnson says:

So this or a high quality bong?

HazardousPleb V says:

if you’re watching this to help decide if you want to splash out the little bit extra on one….. just stop the vid and go get one… had my digi 3 years. never missed a beat and it’s on 12 hours a day 365.

SirS.E.XAlot says:

Greetings from australia…thanks for a super comprehensive review! You’re a fuckin champion 🙂

Milt Trugood says:

Sure it’s expensive, but worth every penny.
Used mine almost every day since 2007.
Best volcano review so far – you basically covered all the bases.

elvis Presley says:

5:30 creaming that bag man wtf my classic with easy v don’t cream like that ? it’s on heat setting 6 ..solid valve here I come! peace420

zz bottom says:

I was leaning toward the Herbalizer, but your, and a few other videos have convinced me to go with the Volcano.

Insanity is Sanity says:

i got mine today, I’m sitting here with my bag half full in my hand, my eyes half lean and my mind fully high. yes the volcano is worth EVERY PENNY

TheButtshd says:

ahaha erect

yethatkid says:

Dude that review was extremely thorough! You’re very competent when it comes to reviewing. Shit, dude you should be making (more) money for this.

Daniel Dolorez says:

So .5 bowl on the volcano vs .5 on a big ass bong rip which gets you higher?

Karan Grewal says:

How is it for indoor use? Does it smell a lot or what

Lukey Montana says:

wassup wizard i wanna buy it but im hesitating because i like smoking joints whats the difference between the high?

Lee Dudley says:

hey my man like d video…pretty sure gonna buy this now 1 question after u vaped the weed do u just throw out the weed or could it still be used 4 brownies or cookies to eat?get full use from weed?

Judith Demaestri says:

Excellent review,thank you.

FĻäîĻèŔ~ says:

Great Video.
Got one for the Digit?

FAhmad1782 says:

Awesome review. Very thorough. Definitely buying one.

Obed Vasquezleon says:

I am convinced now, totally going with a volcano. I would be interesting in seeing concentrates being used with the volcano.

Z Staehling says:

Just got mine on eBay for $212.00 and it arrives next week!

damian charles says:

wish i could try that volcano,only if i knew i to grow somegod vveed . i can’t afford to keep buying it .

Danilo Mariz says:

Hey dude! thanks for the awesome review, i’ve bought my vaporizer one week ago ,moustly because of you! xD, 
My friends doesn’t leave my house since the package has arrived, We are enjoying smoking from the ballons because  the vapor feels more clean than smoke. But since we’ve watched your video especially (the vape session part) left us with a sweet taste in our mouths because of the amount and density of vapor that you got ,so my question is ,for me to get that amount and density of vapor do i need to do a smaller sized ballon?  (i’m still using the pre-made ballon that came in the box, and i have the solid valve.

1MAVHERE says:

Hey Bro great review ..can you use morocco hash with this ?

Valchrist1313 says:

Bowl must have been right loaded for that much vape off a 6.  1/2 gram doesn’t do that for me until I turn it to 7

Jose Echeverri says:

Great review, I think I will go for the solid valve option

Taylor says:

Dude you are like a wizard of vape

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