Volcano Digit Vaporizer

This is the Digital version of the Volcano, which features an LCD screen and degree by degree temperature control. How does it perform, and how does it compare to newer vapes on the market? Find out right here on the ISMOKE channel.

Get your Volcano DIGIT from Namaste Vapes here – https://www.namastevaporizers.co.uk/products/volcano-classic-vaporizer?variant=12062492885060?utm_source=ISMOKE


Linda Connor says:

Waiting for my first volcano digital to arrive.. Thanks for the tutorial. My mouth is watering.

Who Nose? says:

Love my Volcano.
It’s too much for using solo I think but great for 2+ people and it’s so easy to use.
If you can’t afford a new one check for 2nd hand, got my digital for £180 and classics can go for like £140.

UpgradeOTL says:

Yo are the Volcano’s still the best desktop on market or are there any new tech ? hit me :^)


Im Cali / US is there a US site or better desk vape hit me

H4WK69 says:

Over the years ive spent a small fortune on pipes, bongs and vapes etc, but imo you really cant beat a home made gravity bong.

Dundee Kush says:

Review the Twax Flowerpot if you can get hold of one as vaping weed with a dab at the end is fire!

Jorge Melendez says:

I just do a thin layer and I’m Gucci, when I’m with head then I half pack it. You’re OC packing it like that just by yourself no wonder your consumption went up.

danrdgreen says:

My best purchase of the last few years!

Luca Browning says:

Where abouts in Hampshire are you from? Just wondering, since i live in Southampton

gcirc says:

Hey where do you live

Mark Holing says:

Does the machine cause any odor? Would I be able to use it inside my home without making it smell like a college apartment full of pot heads?

The User says:

I like the volcano, but not at around £300! I can get a good laptop for that. Whats inside it to make it that much? Not much i think.

greenhorn grower says:

I cant wait till I get mine! Great video and CHEERS from Portland,Or

SoCal SevenSixoH says:

You should change ur name to eye smoke . And ur logo should be a red bloodshot eye full of smoke.. I have crazy visions sometimes

Lenny Simmo says:

great video review as always Tyler but I found it to be really economical. i have all the stortz and bickel vapes and the volcano is the most efficient at vaping small quantities. Just sprinkle .1 .2 into the chamber and i vape that once at about 195. Thats how i do it anyways.

Libby Lakhsmi says:

Nice review. Interesting that the volcano comes out the best after a decade. Quality and simplicity works every time. I’d like to get one if they weren’t expensive for an old design.

soter305 says:

Definitely my favorite vaporizer of all time no doubt about it. They do sell a concentrate attachment which I have been meaning to buy and I think you should too. Killin it it as always., Keep it up.

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