The Vaporizer | American Weed

Some patients prefer not to smoke their medical marijuana — a vaporizer super-heats the cannabis without burning the plant.
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The Vaporizer | American Weed

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Andrew Wallace says:

Do not buy a Pax! Check my channel video before and you will thank me!

darius j says:

lol they put grandma on legalize weed and cause world peace 

Jude Kraft says:

no with ur asshole!

Gunnar Jones says:

I love when they say “medicine” I just cant get past that. Too bad I’m in Florida and shits illegal, BUT, I still get the good shit.

Matt Rubel says:

all i could think when he was stuttering “Trying to get you in a comfortable, place or state where your pain is minimized” was NIGGA just say your gonna get HIGH AS FUCK hahaha

Drugs Bunny says:

Plot twist they forgot to put the weed in it but couldn’t bring themselves to tell her

David G says:

give grandma a 2 stage bong with bubbler n 2 charcoal filters and watch her levitate across the living room n sleep like a new born

toobroke2fight says:

It is wonderful that someone has helped and guided this beautiful lady on her first vape. I just started trying cannabis for my long term pain,anexiety,sleep,and muscle spasms. It reduces the side effects from my Morphine and makes me active. Just a hit or two and im feeling good without the THC head high. I dont like the “stoned” feeling, but the relaxed and numb-ish feeling in the body is great.       This ladys first vape is from hash. WOW Id be in the fetal position sucking my thumb! Good luck!

Carlton banks says:

“you have a specific amount of cannabinoids in your blood stream at this point that are impacting your brain” You just blew grandma’s mind hahaa

Marcus Harris says:

Ganja is the medicine of the world.

Jude Kraft says:

I love how they sugar coat this bullshit

Hubs88 says:

Look mom I’m _glowing_.


sean says:

le troll is le unsuccess le ful

malik williams says:

what the fuck wont shit in the vape

DmanHeadshot says:

And we cheeched

McLovinMcFlurry says:

Do u stand by that first statement? if u do i think u smoked a little to much pot before this statement.

Mohammed Khan says:

She was HIGH

anataone says:

Why they gotta play some reggae when she hits it… like its automatically associated with weed. God white people keep the offensive shit and don’t even realize it.

Robert says:

I’m so attracted to the blond haha. That’s her job to run around with a volcano witnessing pot virgins first reactions? That’s an interesting job haha.

NitsuaNaed says:

Cannabis is the future of medicine!!!!!

Gilgamesh Green says:

Arrest that woman right now!

Paul Lucker says:

sure u feel good, that’s a fuckin’ weed lady!
I LOVED THAT GIRL who gave her the pocket 🙂

Mike Hunt says:

Haha “I’m glowing”, someone’s grandma messed with alot of drugs

TheProduct ReviewGuide says:

Hi really good video realy enjoyed it and lady looks like shes brand new… Please check my review out on the flowermate at product review guide hope you enjoy it thanks again gio

William Knox says:


The Stalker says:

Fuck being on cloud 9. Grandma was on Venus. lol!

FLX REX says:

the Volcano is king. this video made me start preheating mine 😀 and also the onset of vaping is a bit slower than smoking imo. it creeps on you but 5-10 minutes in you are way higher than the same amount of smoke would make you. nice clear vape high <3

ShaktiX says:

wtf…you can put hash in there without it melting and going in the vape?

AhmedBX187 says:

2:08 very nice machine = good shit

alex mbayo says:

It is funny how they try to be professional about smoking marijuana, but scold someone else who does the same exact thing through different means

C4L Media Group says:

When the kush hits you im vibrating

LSDrg 710 says:

Haha she starts to trip out at the end lol, after smoking for awhile you can just tell when someone’s high lol

reaper daddy says:

she high asf

To the Cloud Vapor Store says:

The Volcano Vaporizer truly is the best.

Jeffrey Scott Jr. says:

Either she is so new to the fact of smoking or i have tolerance, cause it usually takes me a minute or two to get that buzzing feeling. But shit i be with Captain Kirk on the starship enterprise after doing two bags…

McLovinMcFlurry says:

i think he was trolling either or i hope he was cause the logic is not there XD

Jerry Stone says:

loved my jamaican riddims playing in di background

i got a bag o vapor too, ‘ooo yeh, we jammin’

love all mi fellow rastamins out der

GenXRanter says:

It’s dangerous marijuana addicts like the woman in this story that need to be charged with a felony and locked up.

picvic7 says:

Lmao. They cued that reggae music right when she inhaled haha! Hope she starts to benefit and feel better;) looks like it is!

sbeck90630 says:

Glad she enjoyed it.

The Stalker says:

This lady is like a Brownie in this commentary: Baked.

jock rockwell says:

you gotta wait till that orange light goes off till its hot enough!

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