Super Surfer Vaporizer – IndieGoGo Video

7th Floor LLC. & Silver Surfer Vaporizer would like to introduce the all-new Super Surfer Vaporizer!! The Super Surfer Vaporizer is the ultimate all-in-one vaporizer! The new Forced Air Filtration System Allows you to use a bag or whip set up with ease while filtering your air for the cleanest vapor possible.By helping us reach our goal you get the most versatile vaporizer in the world, and knowing you helped bring this product to life.

For more info on the Super Surfer or to Pre-Order your Super Surfer, please visit our IndieGoGo campaign:–2



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Michael Foster says:

When you guys make your videos, you should lower the volume of the music in the beginning. It’s really off from the volume of your voice, so it goes really loud, to real quiet. 🙂 I love the forced air by the way, and imo it’s worth the extra money, as any other way makes it harder to breath for me.


I d like to see a new vape with responsive temp/air regulator, vacuum condensed vapour?, top loading or a better way, cooling system, direct draw all glass path. and Idk the tech thats available but I do know they have the technology in portables and they should be able to do it alot better with a home vape

dark vapor time says:

i love i have super silver

dark vapor time says:

7th floor is by far the best for me eny ways love using the water bong with mine nothinks better

Christopher Zatzke says:

Proud owner of a Buddha vape for 8 yrs now. I’m mainly interested in this for the bag capabilities. I am curious of one thing, 5:16 It appears that when filling bags you take the 19-19 female ground glass adapter and hold it right against the female spherical ground glass heater cover.. This seems like a poorly engineered coupling… could you have not made a separate spherical ground glass piece for use with the bag? It appears the unit is shipping with a different configuration than what is shown here. Could you provide details on how the new configuration works?

dark vapor time says:

I post videos on my channel of your vaporizer trying to show people how good it is in the UK

Eric Diavolo says:

respect that you design it, but it looks unpractical

Kevin Stock says:

The forced air is a good idea! I like the metal screen door idea but you need to add replacement carbon pads to put inside the door to catch the smaller particles! Ride the wave

Daniel Simon says:

2:41 “you can diffuse herbs, u can diffuse oils, and u can diffuse oils with it ” hmm yea maybe u already “diffused” some.

whoopdeedoo says:

Seems a bit complicated with too many little attachments to make it work. I love my SSV and have used it for years but I don’t think I’ll be upgrading. The lights are really silly and make the product look cheap and ridiculous.

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