Solid Valve system for the Volcano Vaporizer

A breakdown and bag replacement on the Solid Valve System for the Volcano Vaporizer Read More:


noreen frost says:

thanks so much, I learn by watching & your video is great.
this was an expensive investment for me, and I kept struggling with the bags, so I appreciate your help.

DP Steyn says:

that really skipped over a lot of important steps

lupe petas says:

this is a good video

indica 777 says:

Thanks for the Video. It’s exactly what I needed to know to choose the easy Valve instead. 🙂

damian charles says:

this seems retarded . bag is always crooked or leaking , easy valve is wayyyyy better

Wolfe Flambe says:

I hate my solid valve. Wish i had bought easy valve. I can never get the bag on without leaking. Its a pain in the arse.

cheryl freeman says:

Why not just tie a knot in the top of the bag?

Ricardo Flores says:

For some reason my vape leaks vapor from those slits.. Can you please help?

Ashley Lauren says:

super wonky

G Funk says:

Thanks a lot brosky! I misplaced the solid valve box and had to change the bag for the first time and this vid saved me some time.

Gareth Bogue says:

I can’t really see how to make the bag. The extra bag material they give appears to be completely open top to bottom, like clingwrap. How do you make a seal from top to bottom, nevermind the ends? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

christian alexander says:

when taking out the inner metal cyclinder of the bowl, what is your means of getting it loss as mine is totally stuck and i havent been able to get it unstuck for 6 months now

Webster says:

Hey, can you do the instruction for the part of the video where you needed to put the new bag on. How did you make the bag into that shape before you put on the rubber band?

NotoriousNUGS says:

thanks! this helped me a lot, I had no clue how to take it apart.

Katherine Poppy says:

I really appreciate your instructions. I keep coming back for reminders and help. Thank you.

sirkilljoy66 says:

how the hell do you make bag when it’s slit open from top to bottom??

Joshua Walker says:

Thanks man, I’ve used your video more than once now lol.

Norsemonkey1978 says:

This video was really helpful. I have owned my volcano for so long it came with a different kind of clip for holding the bag on this one is better and easier to use. I just had know idea how it worked. Used everyday for the past 4 years and no issues yet with mine. Everyone should have one. Thanks.

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