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Check out the Plenty Here:


This has to be one of the more interesting vaporizers out there. The Plenty is basically a handheld Volcano. The only thing bigger than this vaporizer is the vapor production.


– STRONG convection vapor production
– Nearly open airflow
– Industrial strength heater
– Packs about a gram



Rhys Gulley says:

Great video, I really want one of these, this was really helpful! Subscribed!

TheBudoinbatu says:

Wow finally a “stoner” reviewer that isn’t a greasy, repulsive wook.

MosaicGfx says:

I have a plenty and love it. But my tube keeps snapping and would want something like the water pipe attachment you have. Where can I get one?

Kim Wallace says:

A gram is one bowl ? Screw that!

Johan van B. says:

The bong adapter you made is impressive, could you give us some more info ?

Syl Grant says:

Looks like a good vaporizer for someone with tremors, arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis or anyone who has problems keeping a firm hold on things and doesn’t want a honking big machine in their home. Appreciate getting the facts from your videos.

Darren Wilbanks says:

Fuck you for the horrible audio in the beginning you suck at editing

Ash A says:

Is this conduction or convection

MrThaPing says:

Ive never really understood why people use water pipe adapters, especially with vapes. I get that it cools the smoke and probably makes it less dry, but am i missing anything? Looks cool tho

Zuggy TheOneAndOnly says:

Very nice Vid .. Just one little thing … Try not to open your mouth after every draw when u look into the camera …it looks kind of goofy .. Takes the feeling of professionality away
… Other than that keep up the good work .. U earned a subscribtion today

Sally OMalley says:

Is the heating element ceramic? If so, does the air you vape cross the ceramic?

Chris Juice says:

You fucked the review soon as you put that water pipe on

Alex Clark says:

you fucking suck at reviews dude

VapingwithJan AndGoonther420 says:

Awww use that abv to make edibles bro!

Mcshoot says:

Lol stupid water pipe

whitebuffulo says:

He had plenty of rips, mashed.
Then he packs a second, I lost it lmao, you go soldier.

Pixel Perfect says:

I’m actually crying. I would have gladly taken that AVB

thomas walker says:

dam what a cool guy

Frank McKiernan says:

Okay, I know what my new setup is gonna be. Thank you

Danny Sanchez says:

Been smoking for about 10 years now and ive had my share of electronic vapes and what not but THIS… THIS vape is tasty, reliable and produces HUGE clouds when you find the right setting for your type of bud. I never not get high when using it. I tell myself im going to pack like 3 bowls!!! But i never make it past the 2nd as i am already couch locked hahaha

Justin says:

Between the Plenty and the Ghost Mv1.. Which gets you the most ripped and which would you prefer for a daily driver? Thanks!

Zach Emco says:

Used the plenty the day before my t break. My roommate and I were about 20 mins in and it was still ripping hard. 30 mins went by and the vapor slowly started to slow down. 35 minutes in we were both vegetables just laughing at nothing.Great night.

acrock21 says:

can you show what materials you made your mouth piece from ?

morrae says:

What is the bong he is using? It’s awesome, I want one of those

valveman12 says:

I have a Plenty Vaporizer and it is great. Not stealthy but very effective. I never fill the bowl up and use the SS pad to take up the space. Thank you for the brush tip. I did not know you could stand the Plenty up like that. You must have been pretty baked after that session.

Matthew H says:

Shorter hose maybe?

Bisi says:

Is it ok for hashish?

0 0 says:

Just want to say thanks alot guhd! I just got my dynavap m in the mail today and I am in love with this thing. Plus what made it even better was when I had the munchies post vap, and remember that you guys had put a package of swedish fish and haribo gummy bears in my package!! Just know they were enjoyed, lol. Made my night that much better. I didnt even know yall had a YouTube channel, It just popped up in my auto play as I watching videos. Awesome guys! Subscribed and now a life long customer.


i just orderd mine im so happy right now.

Tiger Weedz says:

You can use the steel wool hockey puck they sell to only have to load about .2 of a gram. It still gives a thick vapor. & Lasts a while.

Darkness Downfall says:

I thought that was a goddamn power drill.

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