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Phantom Vaporizer is a simple forced air balloon action aromatherapy vaporizer.


AfroBong420 says:

This vaporizer sucks, mine only worked for 3-month. I tried to search on the web for warrenty, but there’s no official website or anything like that. I can still turn it on and change the heat setting, but it won’t heat up. Don’t ask me “have you replaced the fuse” because its not a fuse problem.

gwarvana says:

Just bought it today,it is awesome so far! Baked as fuk…

TwoTomahawks says:

@drkilcourse Hey whats up man? I use this with my dad at least 2-3 times a day, no heating issues or nasty taste but it depends, the main thing is we don’t smoke joints or blunts etc. just pipes and vape’s, so im really anal so to speak on maintenance which is what really helps. Also, with these instructions its very simple. Maybe that im trying to avoid those things you mentioned is why I haven’t encountered them? IMO if you aren’t using it to “party” with, e-thing should be ok:)

Poseidon's Playground says:

I gaurentee you that you wont have such failure issues with the Volcano. Plus, Storz and Bickel are a reputable company and if such a problem were to occur , I guarentee they would refund you or sumthing.

JTxBolts says:

1st Comment !

clownbow1 says:

i have this vaporize works good no need for volcano witch is way to much money any way but the temp is not accurate on it but still vap’s good

Ron Alexander says:

Dont be like me ans waist your money.Just get a Volcano.

AlpacaMan says:

What is the electrical power the device needs to run it to Walt and amps??? I’m from Israel and here is 220V

mike williams says:

115 or 230 volt? make sure you get the right one. i bought the Phantom and it must have been a 115 volt for the US market i put UK 230 volts through it and fucked it up.( there’s nothing to indicate voltage, watts etc anywhere on it)Having said that i spent the extra and bought the Volcano. Peace of mind. Oct 2016

Donald Trumps Father says:

Solution: get a volcano.

carfo says:

Can’t help but think this is a rip-off of the Volcano, the chamber and bag look _identical_ except for the spring in the mouthpiece. WTF a fuse at the bottom? haha

Tonyskid1 says:

Mine lasted only 6 weeks and then it stopped heating up, I called the seller and they said they cant do anything for me. I cant find any info on the web to contact the maker, I just need for them to just send me the heating element I will fix it myself. Would I buy another one or tell others to buy one? NO WAY its JUNK, funny you turn it on the digital display still says its heating up when it isnt so that display is a JOKE. Anyone know how to contact the manufacture let me know.

TwoTomahawks says:

@ghettosmur follow Drosephful’s advice. Shit happens man, it’s the same as a bic lighter, they don’t work without a flint or fluid so get a new one. Be thankful they made it where the fuse is so easy to replace man, that alone should bring your rating back up. Just got mine today, it kicks ass. Thanks wickie pipe, you f*ckin rock!

Joey Francois says:

mine is amazing.. Have had it for almost a year… still works great

whatsup7789 says:

same thing happened to me dude its bullshit…I wanna get a volcano but i dont want the same thing to happen with that and then im out 500 dollars on top of the 230 i spent on this piece of shit

Susan Oliver says:

Just got one today.  Worked one time.  Wouldn’t heat up or even turn on for that matter after the first use.  Not happy. Hope I can return it.  Can not recommend.  Directions are practically unintelligible… someone who speaks Mandarin attempted to write directions in English.  The directions are useless.  GARBAGE, folks.


I don’t see why a lot of people you say this one sucks or it brakes on the first use. I’ve had mine for over 4 years! and it still works, i have had to order new mouth pieces because i lost mine but other than that the phantom is awesome. the volcano is the same thing as the phantom the only thing you are buying is a name brand. I didn’t go waste and extra $200.00 dollar on top for just a name brand.

Andrew Pyrah says:

Hmm.. looks a bit like a cheap version of the volcano. Love your all-in-one pipes though!

the family man says:


Jozsus says:

i keep mine outside on the back porch exposed to all the elements been going strong for a year now

mracer says:

When u pay 100 bucks for a knock off of a 700 dollar product u save tons of money but u only get 100 dollars worth of quality and costumer service.

Gabriel Lesser says:

Hey Guys,
Have used mine for six months, and i bought it used on craiglist.  Worked great until last night, but now it wont heat up even though it turns on and the temp screen still turns on.  I would like to fix it myself.  Any suggestions?

Angel Resendez says:

can I use the solid valve or easy valve from the volvano on this?

Christopher Russell says:

just find a digital on Craigslist or something.

Missy0lli3BayB says:

on the bottom it says after one use the warranty will not be accepted ever ever again. just flip it over yo.

Alexandra Nicole Star says:

how do i buy a new mouthpiece, i dropped mine on tile and it cracked. ;(((

Dirrty G says:

@JTxBolts 1st faggot more like

Daniel Pineda says:

where can you buy the fuse?

makenrrou1 says:

Hi, Voltage works with that? ¿110v or 220v?

Michael Postrozny says:

Granted the Volcano is a great vape, however it is not worth the $600 brand new. I bought a Phantom 2 years ago and it still functions at 100%, the only issues with it are the cheap cap for the top (I replaced it with a volcano cap which I modified slightly), and it takes about 5 minutes to get to the desired temp. However I bought mine for $95 so waiting 5 minutes and saving $500 is worth it. It is a risk because I hear that many people buy it and it breaks fast but its worth the gamble.

Jeanne Dockins says:

volcanos retarded gay step cousin

lifeisaliewithoutaf says:

wow such a copy of a volcano

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