Is the Volcano Worth the Money?

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WAT says:


Real World says:

Definatly slower future. The thing takes ages to heat up!

valueape888 says:

I have an Arizer extreme Q. iT has a digital readout (with remote), bag and/or whip, came with tons of accessories/extra parts included, and set me back less than $200. I’ve had it for several years. The Volcano has a huge price tag because it’s german engineered (made?). The digital readout model volcano is $600 (you need digital to get the most from your medicine might as well get a vape pen if you’re shelling out for a volcano with no digital readout). So yeah, the volcano has a wow factor but is it worth an added $450? Not to me.

R R says:

Great review. I can tell he loves his work.

yixnorb says:

If it’s green it’s really keen, but if it’s brown keep it ’round.

John Cocktostone says:

Everyone that uses my volcano coughs and says how harsh the vapor is. I agree. If I used mine at 7 I’d die. I do think it’s the heat it produces.

kotovrawr says:

headphones in, doing a few bags with my volcano, loving the beat and the chill slower! one love mate.

zeb doz says:

well, looks like a lot to got thru to get a buzz

Jesus Trujillo says:

Can you smell the herb when your doing a session?

yixnorb says:

We call that brown stuff AFTERBIRTH.

567Katii says:

For anyone curious, the exploding vape looks to be the Cloud Vape Electro – it was sent to a load of Youtubers

yixnorb says:

Try using the Magma bubbler . It’s made to fit in-line between the volcano and the bag valve.

Derf Head Apache Junction KTM rules says:

I like ur demeanor… I have smoke brown do judge.. me too

Lioncash says:

We existed before you. Definitely called a baloon. How are the colonies these days? 😉

Tojo Johnson says:

This music Is wild

TheHabuma says:

I bought it. It is worth the money. You get a different high and it can take some seconds to kick in, in comparison to smoking but i prefer it. I don’t like smoking, even though i did before buying the volcano.
Everything that might annoy you with smoking pot, is no problem with the volcano. I got regular problems when smoking. Feeling sick, tingly hands, cold sweat… Never could smoke much because of it. With the volcano i can puff nonstop.
Sometimes you get a scratchy throat but as soon as you drink something, it will get better immediatley.
It is sturdy and robust, while easy to handle. Even the solid valve thing (putting on a new balloon) is no problem anymore after one try. I mostly use it at home but recently i’m carrying it to friends. They all like it very much.

I don’t know any other vaporizer, but i wanted the best from the beginning. I am not dissapointed and i’m very happy that i invested in it.

The only real down side in comparsion to smoking is, it has to heat up ofc. I highly recommend to plug in and preheat, before you even get your weed on the table.

Maxicinea Hill says:

never had any idea they use bags wtf

Israel Burns says:

lol you said you smoked the brown

yixnorb says:

Vaporizer bags are great as they are 100% food grade polyester. But they are expensive due to high production cost and difficult to gather and affix the open end to the solid valve due to the bag width. I use ovenable turkey bags. Cheap with just enough heat resistant polyester in the recipe of the plastic to make the bag usable. Then I seal the open end of the bag shut by tying a large knot in it. Then cut the bottom corner to create an opening just slightly larger than the solid valve. It now has much less to gather around the solid valve and will be easier.

Ta Ma says:

is smoking out of the plastic bag toxic? doesn’t the plastic melt?

lukedoyle24 says:

Can you tell me what kind of Grinder you are using? Thanks

C Shields says:


Keegan Sanders says:

I have had mine for about a year and a half and at first it hurt to pay 500 but it saves me so much money because my weed goes so much further and i can smoke the burnt weed again put of a blunt i would highly recommend it

Sam Cro says:

i don’t see anything better than the arizer EQ. $226 total. The volcano has valves………use your thumb and save $450. Arizer is faster, lighter,cheaper,quieter and you can see the herb as it’s baking. It’s better in every way except the valves……what am i missing? This is a ridiculous price. (second bag doesn’t have thicker vapor, it has some smoke)

handsomebassman says:

So glad to hear someone mention how annoying the bags are, it drives my wife nuts.

Ronnie B-Good says:

Good point about the bags being noisy. They can’t be made of something else?! 🙂

yixnorb says:

I hold the mouthpiece over my bong bowl and hit the bag vapor through the bong water. Cools and moisturizes that hot dry vapor saving your throat.

nick r says:

FYI all those reading, volcano on setting 7 is 396F. 392F upwards is considered combustion and where the toxic vapours begin. I would recommend sticking on 6 and then doing something with your AVB. Here’s a very useful chart:

Had my easy valve 2 years and it was easily worth the money

Pendelton Whiskey says:

Good video but it would be even better without the annoying background music

Genghis Chuan says:

browns make extremely potent edibles! Fill quart jar half way then fill to top of those browns with coconut oil and then bring warm so coconut oil will soak and cut into browns and they will drop, then keep filling a little of each until jar is full and put on cup warmer for hour or so until the brown turn dark and drop to bottom filter and use oil. watch out though its very potent! I also noticed that they are very slow to start almost 2 hours later but then they creep in and out of nowhere you are fucking high! So dont double dose thinking it was weak! If anything just do a hit or two and then wait a minute.

Mike M says:

Great point on how the bags are annoying as f

Wheresuhh says:

nice jams, you really went in on those bags too jee

Craig & Kimberly says:

Dude, don’t be a dummy… first you smoke a vape bag through a water bong you’re loosing THC including CBD and other valuable medicne that no other device can produce -you can’t get any better than that -and you destroyed it! Second, it helps to vaporize when you get sick, it’s the best thing you can do. It cures you, dummy.

dresell4940 says:

Man you can do so much with that!! 2 fistin’ it yeah!! Walking dead? Heck yeah!! I go to Alexandria all the time. You can only go around it but I see it all the time right down the street! I don’t think you’d bother me with those while I’m watching. Bet I’d really get into it with those!

SpyengoEen says:

6:40 “It’s a lot of money to spend…. on a smoking device”
You can see from his face he’s thinking like “What am I doing with my life” lol

Daniel says:

Subscribed, this is the best video I watched on the volcano, with real info, from a real stoner that has actually used the product. Appreciate it, definitely considering buying after this.

Sam Kalinoski says:

Song could be better……

Herbal Enchantress The Mother Plant Whisperer says:

Suckn on double bags lol

KckDwn says:

Did you find an alternative or better solution to the bag noise problem? That would drive me nuts.

Nathan Pothier says:

The music is giving me some Terraria vibes

Pim Bl says:

I’ve had mine for a couple of years.
This is the most extensive review i’ve seen on youtube.
There is only 1 thing I could add to this.

It is also possible to smoke dab’s with the supplied metal puck.
These days I only use concentrates in my volcano.


First world problems.

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