How many bags will one Volcano bowl blow???

I use and review the amazing Volcano Vaporizer


AndY Noth says:

The sound of my volcano… I swear it’s louder than my vacuum cleaner.

Crusher 0.o says:

the volcaone is a good investment. But I like the Extreme Q from Arizer more because of its good accessories. Everything is made of glass so you can wash the whole parts in isopropanol and get a high quality cannabis oil

Ronny Sterling says:

Lets see the laughing chick, is she hot?

Mark Moore says:

it uses too much herb.

WisconsinEric says:

My Volcano is 10yrs old now, and I still have the receipt to prove it.  I was considering doing a 10yr review as I have yet to see one, but I have mixed feelings as a  med patient in a non medical State.

vibe808 says:

You da man

Clifford Farley says:

First off, before I even start watching, this is a great idea with how much you gotta use, I think everybody wonders the same thing

TheTruth Spy says:

Can someone help with these questions. 1. How do you know when the weeds done?, do you have to open the chamber, or do you know by seeing that there is nothing going into the bag that its finished. 2. If you open the chamber with the vaporiser off, does the vapour inside it escape.

RoadHead says:

you say volcano was the king until recently? what is potentially better?

Cliff P says:

May I ask you don’t like the other bowl? The “cheaper” one and I like the orange balloons mouth piece that has a rubber band at its base to put the bags on. Also the same “off brand” company that sells the orange mouth piece with a rubber band at the bottom has bags that look like a bottle with a neck in the bag. Not near as loud…. also. Just saying.

Babyboi718 says:

My balls are itchy I just got my volcano in the mail!!!!excitedddddd

yixnorb says:

Jeez, change that gnarly bag already

Crusher 0.o says:

the balloon is a bit to small. I use roasting bag to build one by myself. So you can adjust the size. with size of my balloon i can easily fill my lungs about 5-6 times

yixnorb says:

I keep a spare screen/plunger assembly in a container of iso alcohol. When my other screen/plunger gets gunked up from use, I just swap it out with the one that was soaking in alcohol, which by now is is clean as a whistle. No disassembly and losing that rediculously tiny nut and washer.

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