herbalAire H2.2 Review by The Vape Critic

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The Vape Critic says:


StockBrokerton420 says:

Can I grind up bud and put it in there compact like? I know you said it has to be compact and I’ve been told that after ground up the weed is better to vaporize because there is better surface area.

Mouse says:

I have used this vaporizer for 3 years. Yes that screen is replaceable (I used an apple ear-bud screen after sterilizing it, fantastic replacement, and allows you to grind if you wish), but I never got particles as bad as yours when I used the default unless there was a lot of grinding of the herb.

The customer service is fantastic, my unit conked out, so I sent it to them, and they replaced it with a brand new device! new equipment too. Only thing that sucks is the thumb screw, they break fast

Richard Scholten says:

i find this vape amazing. i bought it for half the price of the volcano so keep that in mind.
i honestly dont exactly agree with cons Vape Critic mentions. none seem to apply to my
vape while smoking i.e. materials pushed into the ballon, it runs cool, ect….

i could smoke a cock in this thing,

The Vape Critic says:

i don’t rate it bad but it’s nowhere near the best

kirchking11 says:

The balloon function isn’t that great I agree. However the company makes an adapter that lets you fill 3 bags at once. It’s an amazing function for when your with multiple people, no more sharing bags, you have your own 🙂

Dan Silva says:

I’ve had one of these for several years, and the design is clunky but it works great.  I tossed the funky hose clamps used for clamping on the bag and use cable zip-ties instead– much easier and cleaner solution.  Unfortunately mine just stopped heating up, though, so I’m looking for a replacement.  btw, I really liked that you didn’t have to grind.

The Vape Critic says:

yes you can grind ur material before packing this one but just keep in the mind the stuff i show about the mouthpiece screen, the pores are kinda large so small particles could travel through, people have told me they buy separate screens that are finer and put them in the mouthpiece instead of the ones it comes with

mouser78 says:

I ordered one directly from the herbalAire website and received an order confirmation. Since then I haven’t heard anything from them, they don’t reply back to mails, form posts, nothing. I’m starting to think its a scam. Anybody any experience with w w w . h e r b a l a i r e . c o m ?

DiabolicalJoker says:

Man they fucked youtube up bad, huh?

The Vape Critic says:

yea not having the fan or blower built-in to the main unit definitely keeps it smaller and lighter, but after using the whole rig a few times i really started to feel that it’s more convenient to just have the blower built-in.

i think a built-in blower can be beneficial in whip-mode also – when I use my Extreme-Q with the whip I still turn the fan on low while I take my draw to get more vapor, and it can also help people who have weak lungs and can’t pull hard.

stay up!

Gideon Waxfarb says:

@2:47- That’s what she said.

Alex says:

I was just about to ask you to review this! Good stuff 

kben says:

Have you tried it with ground up? I can’t imagine it would perform worse

TheLitesol says:

Have one no problems for over a year! Never seen any material in my bags…. Interesting.

Ur Boi says:

That seems waaaaay too convoluted and inconvenient.

The Vape Critic says:

hey i think the taste of the vapor from this vape is above average, but the volume of vapor it produces is a little below average.

the Solo is unique because it has a fairly strong draw resistance, which is something a good desktop vape doesn’t have, so the experience is different.

if you want to talk about vapor production only, pretty much every desktop vape i say i like (80/100 rating or higher) can produce more vapor, but the solo is one of the top vapor producers out of the portables.

Amphisbaena says:

will it work with wax

Mouse says:

This is a great product for all forms it talks about, with some modifying. You can get a longer straw, makes it easier to use for direct inhalation. I replaced the mouthpiece screen with a busted apple ear-bud screen (thoroughly cleaned and sterilized) and I went from few particles with unground material, to none at all even when ground up!

Really good customer service for the 3 year warranty.

The Vape Critic says:

☞ REVIEW PAGE: https://www.vapecritic.com/herbalaire/
☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/desktop/

The Vape Critic says:

thanks for the request

Jacinthe Landry says:

i bought one so i would not smoke garbage,just wondering if its clean to smoke,thx

blackmaps says:

Hey, how come you wouldn’t draw straight from the mouthpiece? 

MGTwenty3 says:

The screen is NOT built into the mouthpiece. It is easily replaced with a finer screen. You can also put a screen over the load in the crucible. Your main gripe with the vape could have easily been mended by spending 5 cents on a finer screen. I don’t understand why you regarded something so easily fixable as a glaring flaw with the bag blowing function.

The Vape Critic says:

sup man yea u can use it with ground up material i just had a little issue with some bits coming up through the screen – i’m not sure exactly what size the screen needs to be but i think if u just get any old round screen with small pores u should be able to easily cut it to size

Ndasuunye says:

don’t grind your herbs? Sounds like a warranty trap

The Vape Critic says:

haha cool shit man!

The Vape Critic says:

i do not believe so

Ttsfa1 says:

+the vape critic can you do a review for the vapolution 2.0? I’m looking to get a vaporizer for under $200 preferably a desktop

Che3ta says:

I bought one of these about 3-4 years ago and I love this thing. My friends and I have had bowls last us hours, although It did taste pretty bad towards the end. lol I have made a few modifications along the way to improve it, or out of necessity due to lost parts.. This thing can take a beating and it just keeps going.

thelocustemperor says:

What happens if you pack it?

Gogley Loosa says:

I’m convinced, the volcano is ALOT better then this thing. If you want a whip vapor, why would you buy this? I would just buy the SSV. And you said the ballon function sucks… so overall this vaporizer is obsolete in comparison the volcano.

Dominic Fritz says:

You shoukd do a review on the zephyr ion. It looks like it could compete with the volcano

bckilo says:

you need to reveiw the new herbal aire elite system.  the NEW one Brother!

foolishevil says:

Your videos are awesome man. Greatly appreciated

The Vape Critic says:

i didn’t really notice it vaporizing more thoroughly than others, maybe a tiny tiny bit but i wouldn’t consider that a deciding factor between the two.

i tried their little test that they mention, where i packed the herbalaire up with spent herbs from another vape, and all i got was a light wisp of vapor out of it, nothing noteworthy.

overall will all aspects considered i rate the EQ a tiny bit higher, but no u cant fill multiple bags simultaneously with it.

loxllollxol says:

Just buy some fine pipe screens and cut them to size they clip right into the white lid thing and you can cut another one and drop it on top of your material and one underneath to stop anything falling into the 18 holes.

I grind up my stuff (not to dust) and it works well in bag or whip mode. I did buy a better whip though.

goaquilaqu says:

Personally I use this vape in balloon mode al the time because I don’t like the resistance I get when using the whip. I made 1 balloon from 2 xxl turkey oven bags and let that fill when i’m with friends. Really, nothings extracts better than this thing and you can just put a screen on top if the loose particles bother you. Personally I don’t have a problem with the loose particles because they just stick inside the bag and don’t enter my lungs. Only downside from my opinion is that the pump could be faster, but because it’s just a loose aquarium pump i’m gonna buy a faster one in the animal store. 

__ Documents says:

I have used my Herbalaire first version daily for over 3 years without one problem. They are made very well. Yes the bag system is slightly cumbersome because of the separate air compressor but with fine ground herb this little unit can fill a large bag with very dense vapor. I use large oven bags for cooking turkeys instead of buying bags from manufacturer. I keep the temp setting at 375.
I use a finer screen than the one that came with and don’t have any problems with material leaking through into the bag. Price is decent too.

mracer says:

yes do the zephyr!

Richard Dawson says:

get a job burnout.

James Oakes says:

u look like ur name woulld be Danny

GangTV says:

recommend this for dorme room usage? looking for something that doesn’t give off a smell.

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