First 3 Minutes Ever With A Volcano Vaporizer

The only thing I did with the Volcano before recording this footage was load the filling chamber with about 0.25 g of herbs.

If you are a medical consumer like myself (especially if you have progressive multiple sclerosis), you need to check out a couple of my playlists. You will know which ones.


Lance Gordon says:

Thanks, LivePD

Pr0link says:

Hey man great video! Keep it up!

Adriaan Clodk says:

hey Ryan, just came across your videos! I wish you all the best.. i’m 30 years old and have MS as well.. not as bad as yours (for the moment but it sucks so f@cking hard) I was thinking of buying a Volcana as well because when I smoke weed with tobacco it doesn’t help as much as I would vape it.. are you happy with your volcano? I see you didn’t post anything the last 6 months, I hope your doing ok! I hope I get a quick answer of you and I truly hope your doing fine and don’t have all that pain..

thanks for sharing these videos it helps young people with MS to make a picture what’s to come because doctors can’t do that.. again I wish you all the best!

David Dexter says:

Holy fuck as soon as he says Solid valve at about 3 mins his eye twitches almost out of his head

Joshua Bourgault says:

This guy looks exactly like Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon lmaooo.

Stevie Fee says:

you might know this now but a wee tip man wait 5 seconds until the volcano is producing vaper then attach the bag

Gherbo Fazo says:

Was it worth it

Justin Driggs says:

“I’m going to set it on 7…not sure what that corresponds to but I’m gonna give it a try.” I don’t mean to bust your chops but that sounds sophomoric.

Yatos says:

But… are you high, does being vaped and not smoked get to lower the effects ?

Josias Castorena says:

What is Jeff Bezos doing there?

pierre richard Dalcourt says:

my next buy 🙂

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