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TVape takes you through the unboxing and operation of the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer! Read below for more:

The Arizer Extreme Q has been on the market for years and is widely accepted as one of the best stationary vaporizers. This vaporizer has the best value proposition of any stationary vaporizer on the market when this video was made. You get outstanding Canadian quality for a fraction of the price of units like the Volcano. In this video, TVape takes you through the package contents and how the unit works.

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Package Content 0:31
Sterilization 1:15
Options 3:41
Display Settings 6:15
Remote Control 8:52
Filling the Heating Chamber 11:00

For more information on the Extreme Q, visit the product page here: http://torontovaporizer.ca/arizer-extreme-q-vaporizer.html

Check out our guide for cleaning the Extreme Q here:

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Granulated says:

cant see how that grinder is anywhere near optimal with such HUGE holes

Ramrasik Raman says:

you guys ship to US ?
edit: nvm you do, about to order

Philip Retson says:


TVape says:

Aww geeze! 🙁 Well, you did get a great product. The EQ is great value for money, even at that price. But if you ever need any spare parts or are still on the market for a grinder, give us a shout. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of :). Enjoy your vape my friend!

ak 47 says:

Se me jodio el remoto y no lo puedo usar

moarteas says:

Just ordered mine 😀 so stoked !

Cody says:

Just unpacked mine and was a bit intimidated by all the parts and instructions weren’t very visual. This video was perfect. Much appreciated

TVape says:

Thanks for the feedback! Check out more of our vape tutorials on our youtube channel: Team TorontoVaporizer :).

Mig TheFig says:

Extreme Q all day man. This vap is Amazing!   been using it for over a year now and using it A  LOT everyday.  Lot’s of spare pieces that comes with it.  The quality of the vap is just amazing.  We are 3 guys that bought this at the same time about a little over a year ago and we all use it  a lot.  It’s very well made.  Tough.  Vapor quality is again,  amazing. We all love this vap so much . I have one of my buddy that has the Volcano and he sais the vap quality is as good as with his volcano.  Lot of people will tell you this  is the next best thing after the volcano.  I agree.

ricky canongo says:

Not sure if I should get it got a couple vaporizer I got a vapor blunt2.0 n not to satisfy I like dark clouds was wondering if it heavy smoke

TVape says:

This depends on you :). If you’d like more flavourful, thin vapour that is very easy to consume, you’d want to set your unit between 195-210 range. If you’d like thicker vapour, 210 to 235 is the range to stick around. The Extreme Q can go up to even higher temperatures though (max 260). It’s a great unit to vapour step (see our blog post about this) which is great to finish off your vape session!

iam21incanada says:

These guys are the best fast shipping and great customer service!!!!

Dan Cen says:

Can you use this with a Bong?

ArmenianCwalk says:

you can literally use any grinder without losing anything that zeus grinder is good but its like any other brand nothing special about it

Alex Tigre says:

Yay! This is gonna be my first Vaporizer!

zNazaretu says:

Very good review, I appriciate your effort. Also the ONLY review on the web that actually shows the potpouri dish – my girl is crazy about this feature 🙂

Granger744 says:

Should have bought from you guys, but having the product shipped was not an option. The local shop i purchased it from gave me a ‘deal’ of 270, and i didn’t get the free grinder.

SeanWyseman says:

Speed this up to 1.5 and because it is professionally produced — it is still easy to understand and it moves along at a much better clip without missing any comments. I just ordered this unit but have yet to receive.

I’ve used it now for several months. It does the job. Delivers pretty good vape. I still don’t think it stacks up to my Crafty by Storz and Bickel but it’s about 1/3 the price. It’s probably the lowest priced vape that delivers a decent amount of vapor. Having been a daily med user for four years now I’m up to about a gram or two per day depending on the day and the pain level.

New users with lower resistance would probably get a lot more out of it. I find it’s not that economical compared to the crafty. It’s probably more economical than my volcano which I don’t particularly like because it’s purely convection which may be what makes it less efficient.

I’m happy with it and I might buy it again but there’s a crafty look alike that’s a lot cheaper that I’d probably try before getting another Arizer Extreme Q. I also got the Zeuss Iceborn as a free add on. That’s about all it was worth. I left it in the freezer at one of my homes. Could not get the dealer to support it.

Troy Miller says:

Ive heard you should fill the cyclone bowl 3/4 of way up for the best air-flow. I rarely fill mine all the way up 🙂

BostonHooligan08 says:

VapirRise or Extreme Q???

TVape says:

Awesome choice! Enjoy 🙂

bigjim10011 says:

they never sent me the grinder 🙁

Slime Bucket says:

do you know what the fuck TUTORIAL means?? 10 min in and STILL NO IDEA WTF TO DO

SantisandKisin says:

how do you know when material turned brown and you should change it pls?

AngryHippySlayer says:

Thanks dude. My EQ should be here next week.

somethingDam says:

The things about making your own ballons. Is shit. I cannot fucking build the ballon and it has been fucking 5 hours. Piece of shit product

antman491 says:

What is usually the general temperature to use when filling a bag?

Bobby Kron says:

+TorontoVaporizer Canada you need to make a video on specifically about making balloons. Please and thank you! 🙂

Mark Bradford says:

When I ordered online I did not get the option to select the free Zeus grinder, just a Zeus lighter, and why would I want a lighter if I’m ordering a vaporizer? I must admit, telling me I could get a free quality grinder helped me decide to order it from you. Other than that bit of misinformation I’m quite happy with my order so far. Just got it today.

timothy miller says:

he wore gloves because the review is about the extreme q not his keep up on his finger nails. I thought the same thing why gloves? it just makes the video more professional. very informative tutorial. I have just placed my order on this unit 3 hrs ago. can’t wait

Nathan Steffanic says:

wearing your weird ass cotton gloves is weirding me out

Marty McIntyre says:

i have one coming in the mail. but i wanted to know what is the best temp to have it cook your herbs?

lahto1 says:

Can one vaporize oil with this device?

alex mandar says:

Hey, I purchased the extreme q vaporizer from you guys a while back…I have noticed that the top rim of the vaporizer has a small bulging crack (plastic). Does this piece screw off from the actual unit itself? Im talking about the rigged plastic top piece, THANKS!

TheMadProphet says:

im really considering getting this vaporizer next if my vp600 dies which hasnt but i am a litttle disappointed that it takes about 5 minutes to fill balloon still nice product

Ken Buenker says:

Thanks a lot man! Just ordered mine and figured I would learn as much as I can before I set it up for the first time.

James Stange says:


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