Easy Valve Breakdown for the Volcano Vaporizer

Easy Valve – http://vaporizersreviewed.com/easy-valve-for-volcano-breakdown/

The Easy Valve System breakdown for the Volcano.


Maximus S Wohler says:

My easy valve is spinning around can any one help me

Goyim Goldberg says:

i cant push my metal part through on the top part of the bowl. its too dirty i think and its stuck. any suggestions or tips?

Julian Hickman says:

the filling chamber plastic always cracks and falls apart, they are very hit and miss

Carfo Sixtwofour says:

awesome thanks, i’ve cleaned this thing a million times but I couldn’t remember out how to put those metal clips back in lol, nice video man, great quality

CrazyCrakaaaaa says:

Thanks dude! Very helpful. I think I need to clean mine more often 🙂 I brush it out after every use, but oh man the parts I couldn’t see was just coated …

Matt Seldin says:

Thanks for the video.  It really helped me from my accidental dis-assembly.  Have a good day.

Katy Hippy says:

Very helpful thank you! I will be able to clean mine as often as i clean my bongs!

justone voice says:

Thank you just what I needed. I was having trouble with seeing the direction that the clips should be out in.

Gail Greathouse says:

This is a huge help. I have been struggling putting the clips in first and since I have been doing it this way for years, would never have figured it out on my own. Many thanks.

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