EastCoastToke – How To Assemble The Spare Bag For The Extreme Q 4.0

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Braden Lattea says:

are you Aziz? seriously, thanks though.

EastCoast Toke says:

Like I say in the video, even if you break an O-Ring you can probably just use a rubber band with the bag assembly. The vape is a great vape. I got it for $158 off Amazon, just go for it & if you have any questions hit me up aplotkowski3!

yungwon says:

Turkey bags work great too!

Trevor Trottier says:

Thank you

TheTtrainor says:

“Sup ladies” You player

Jackson Roye says:

you put the bag on the wrong end.

Edwin Stratton says:


aplotkowski3 says:

true and thanks man I appreciate it, see you got the unit i’m gonna get so I’m kinda using you for a guinea pig type of deal. I’m just waiting until i’m comfortable spending 165 on mine, I’m short on cash and lately I feel like this would actually help me out. Do you know if the whips mouth piece would fit inside a 14.4 mm bong downstem?

Steven Nicol says:

I used cable ties, perfect. No vapour escaping. Might help anyone in future.

inscrutable says:

That first part putting the band over the bag before it goes on the glass was a big help. That second part seems to be a bitch for everyone. 

StrategicPrepper says:

Finger magic — sup ladies! lmao.

MsCivvy says:

fucking smart twisting it, man. what a fucking struggle otherwise.

couple things. “it’s like a little clear butthole” hahahahahahah…
“finger magic, sup ladies?”. hahahaha #CallMe

subscribing cause I like the cut of your jib.
and you helped me not rage quit this fucking bag.

aplotkowski3 says:

you may eventually need to make another one, you can’t really see much at all in this one. I should make you make more videos with this so I know how it is before I order it, but I really can’t think of much else for you to do for me.

Leslie Coe says:

You would have to use an oven bag or something like that so it can withstand the temperatures from vaping. Heating a grocery bag could leak all kinds of bad toxins into your lungs!

EastCoast Toke says:

The whip from the bag & the regular whip itself both fit into a standard sized downstem.. I understand the financial hardships and having to spend money wisely, been there done that. It’s worth it though. I’ll have a video up maybe today or next weekend showing how to clean all of the pieces.

ryan west says:

thanks mate i’ve used this guide twice now,

Mr.X says:

Best tutorial for putting this together, the picture instructions help, but get me confused every time, thanks for making this very helpful video :D.

Rachael Bradford says:

How did this design ever pass R/D? Takes longer to get the 2nd rubber band on than to consume the whole bag! Its been years since this thing came out, and still no better method exists!? No wonder Doug Benson has a person to do this for him…. its nearly impossible…

EastCoast Toke says:

Between me discussing what to do & the video footage you see it should work. It’s rather easy to get the bag on, the hardest part is the last one getting the 2nd O-Ring down & below the first one. 0:22 0:33 0:58 are the main steps.

aplotkowski3 says:

Maybe you’re right and I just need to purchase my vape then experiment with the bag assembly, I’m just worried I’m gonna fuck some shit up.

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