DIY vaporizer with balloons, including trichomes microscopy before & after

General-purpose easy to build plug-in vaporizer, with good temperature stabilization and balloons for the collection of vapours.
Works up to 260°C / 500°F, with a precision of 1°C / 2°F temperature step.

Check the vaporization of trichomes as seen under a microscope in the last part of the guide.

To be verified: is this working also with Salvia? Probably, as it reaches higher T than normal vaporizers, which are occasionally reported to work with La Pastora.

18th Dec 2012: added warning on possible health effects of the materials used in the heat gun, for people particularly concerned. However, I am inclined to minimize the relevance of this problem, as Ni-Cr heating elements are usually built into heat guns, hair driers, e-cigarettes, air heaters, …

For a critical discussion, please follow in the FC forum the thread:


colm brock says:

This is a vegetbale sample sample going into vaporiser! Lol!

Valentine 420 says:

where can I buy the machine at?

Jeffrey Nguyen says:

Very detailed. I loved the video!

Della Pietra Leonardo says:

It would be interesting to know the experiences of medical cannabis users with vaporizers. CBD boils at higher T than THC (about 20°C/36°F higher) so being able to set a higher T may enhance the inhaled CBT:THC ratio and improve the medical effect, or even allow a reduction of the high (THC) for people who may need/want to stay clear-headed

PsycoHenny says:

I’m totally going to build this fucking thing! Will update when done 🙂

ecorbs23 says:

You could also eat the herb afterwards since the remaining thc would have been activated by then.

Rolf Sache says:

I had the same Idea, I made it with a Toolcraft SMD Rework Station, the vaporizing chamber I built out of two steelpipes, I can stick together. After the vaporizing chamber the steam flows into a bong, the balloon gets stuck on the open hole for the chillum. It works great, but I never would build it with silicone.

JimmyFear912 says:

Decent vaporiser that. I’ll stick with the volcano but I’ll still give you a like

siox3 says:

i use this, direct the heater in a glass bong,
and its works really well…yeah!

colm brock says:

Are you still using the workflow station vaporiser & are you still alive in 2017?

William C83 says:

That’s definitely very innovative, nice work, the only concern I had was the possible health risks of the heating element, however I guess if you got the workstation new one & ran it on the highest temperature for a 1/2 hour that should burn off any oils/toxins from manufacturing. If the temperature control is accurate & stable then I imaging it would work great, however you want to vape herbs (medical cannabis) at around 350 degrees F, there was A LOT OF RESIN left in that vaped bud, just FYI.

bassmansoundking99 says:

Having trouble finding a similar bowl that ships to US.
Any help would be appreciated!!
Great video and info!

dabbs041 says:

Sweet vid thumbs up

siox3 says:

OMG you are the boss!

grow hand says:

that was some great info

M Man says:

i said its vapor not smoke so its ok to toke. sing along……

Jack Mehoff says:

good job!  I like your MacGyver volcano. lolNow just grind your material and turn the heat up a bit and you really will have some vapes

maybetreescanhelp says:

i think if you ground it you would get more even airflow and vaping of the buds

Jakob Albrecht says:

This may be the besteht design i’ve See so far. Great work! I’m thinking about building Thatcher one.

Osmann says:

Great idea and design, cheers

Della Pietra Leonardo says:

Hi WillC,yes, a few min heating and the burning smell went the first time I used it.T can be set quite high,so you burn 100% of the production oils.Some ppl think the Cr&Ni in the heater can be a health risk too. I don’t know,many ppl have differing ideas.Ceramic heaters may be dangerous too,due to microcracks releasing particles. Ni&Cr are present also in e-cigs. We’ll know more soon thanks to their widespread use.Resin is left’cause I vaped only 1-2mins at low T:the vapor is smoother this way!

VapeLife Will says:

Thanks for the info!

ryan g says:

no talking? thumbs down

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