DIY: Herbalizer Bag Replacement

Changing out your #Herbalizer Vaporizer Balloon Bag, with the #VolcanoVaporizer Solid Valve Balloon Bag.


Jason Cheung says:

u can use any kind og turkey oven bag,

medicullus says:

Thank god you filmed this in terrible resolution, then made it half the size that youtube can show so i have to kiss the screen to see. Jesus Christ

Jason Cheung says:

Ok, here is what i have tried.

1. herbalizer bag
2. volcanodiy ballons
3. regular turkey bag

herbalizer has the best bag quality.for its shape, material and company finish. best vapor quality.

Wrinkles and folds in the vapor bag is what gives the other two a lesser vapor quality.

since you have to diy the volcano bags, it does not provide the finishing smoothness with the herbalizer bags. Also the material is a bit different, it rattles and makes more sound. Nevertheless, its good quality bag and its cool that you can customize it. I definitely would keep using this method. (so much cheaper!)

Then we go to the turkey bag which is really the poor man’s vapor bag. it does the same thing but the material again is a little different with the other two. I would describe it as that it capture less flavour. Also, the wrinkles and folds it creates due to the size different not being in a tube shape, it creates some sort of resistance when I have the fan mode on with herbalizer.

hope it helps

markj6700 says:

The music makes it impossible to follow, and step six is a fail.

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