Comparing the Fake Digital Volcano Vaporizer to the Real Digital Volcano

Get the authentic Digital Volcano As mentioned the fakes are always changing.

Since we posted our first blog on the fake digital volcano the fakes have changed a bit. Here is the latest we have on the newest fakes.


Ryan Nerios says:

So there are really no fake classics out there?

Nos Lee says:

I brought my volcano on ebay 3-4 yrs ago. When did these fakes started coming out? Mine came with a solid valve.

Curt W. says:

I bought a fake one from DHGATE and paid 1/4 the price and I’ve used it for over a year.  It functions fine and if it breaks down I don’t care because I paid a fraction of the cost.  Maybe the Storz and Brickel company should drop their price because the Chinese are doing a hell of a job with these clones.  I haven’t had any issues and there is no plastic taste at all.  I don’t see any reviews online for the fake ones because these large corporations and small businesses have a lot to lose.  I looks like the original and they operate very close to the original…I have used the real deal too…I can’t tell any quality difference????

Curt W. says:

Notice how much quicker response the China fake is in temperature….the fake one performs better than the original…spend $700 if you choose…I wouldn’t.  I love my $200 purchase…it works amazing!

Chase Peterson says:

Just ordered a fake one like a fool. Anyone who has a fake wanna let me know if they still use there’s or regret buying it? How many parts does it go through that can really be bad for you?

matt kay says:

I strongly disagree with Curt W

Itachikage2501 Bankia says:

I got a fake one

Jesus Jesus says:

I want to know if mine is fake

Marcus Godo says:

can you tell me if the quality of the vape the same with both units?

david lehan says:

There’s fake everything now a days .

Jim Brown says:

Was I the only one who went straight to dh gate or made in China for price check?

Saeed Ghods says:

they will watch this video and learn more on how to be less fake.. ironic

not a blog 420 says:

The real question is…. do the fake ones work?

Michael PEARCE# says:

Thanks for the informative vlog ! I had no idea, but I am not surprised that there are Chinese, Hong Kong, and Philippine fakes of the Cadillac of desktop vapourizers. I was also not surprised that from the serial numbers, through packaging and the vapourizer itself.

I have been a devoted fan of every Storz und Bickel since they landed their first container in Montréal, Québec, Canada in 2000. My first Volcano bought in Hamilton Compassion Club for $1700,00 !! It’s an aluminum shelled with a ceramic heating plate. It still works, but it’s ever slow to fill a bag !

I think that Everyone misses one rather large point in which every part of their products are made solely of Medical Grade Materials and they have always been in the fore point from design to builds, to fabrication.

They have just recently unveiled the Medic One Vapourizer which has already been approved by Health Canada for use in Hospitals.

I know that Storz und Bickel will continue to strive to lead the Vapourizing World with excitingly new products to come.

Calam Transgression says:

It’s old stock fuckwits

barby j says:

OMG !!!!! I JUST BOUGHT A FAKE ONE….no plastic on digital display, no green all grey tabs on bottom , washers and screws, legs obviously were crazy glued you could literally see it, and the chamber would not lock into vaporizer it had no clips. Boohoo!

the messiah man says:

The fake one to the right has more glowey lighting numbers on the digital temp thing. Its more colorful and glows more

matthew leblanc says:

I just order one from wish was 394 I get it on the 25th as long as it works good I don’t care

Zachary Honzik says:

I plan on buying a Volcano next year from my local smoke shop. Do smoke shops sell fakes or is this safer to being authentic?

Brandon Jacques says:

Wtf my classic did not come in a plastic bag.. I bought direct also?

Michel Foucault says:


Thank you for making this video. I just recently purchased a counterfeit volcano form this link
I should of known it was too good to be true. I am currently in the process of putting a claim with ebay. Please take the time to report this seller if you get the opportunity. He has sold so many this week already.

Devon Cottrell says:

I bought one on amazon i hope its not a fake

Curt W. says:

Storz and Bickel drop your prices…greedy corporations…I have a fake one I bought on purpose…love my clone for 1/4 of the price…its been working awesome for over a year…amazing flavour…I compared it to the real one…no difference??????  The only rip off is the Storz and Bickel price…do they care about their customers?….charging such a ridiculous price for something that China can make for a fraction of a cost…I wonder how much profit Storz and Bickel make on their product….I bet it costs them $100 production cost and they are making $600 profit on consumers…buy a clone…I love mine!

Lee M says:

CNN make the Fake ones

nmg5100 says:

Don’t trust China. Don’t buy their crap.

Curt W. says:

maybe the couldvaporstore should buy and sell fake ones too…I love mine for the price and great quality….I bet they would sell more of the fake than the real ones…just saying!  Storz and Bickel need to reduce their prices…they are outrageous and stupid!

Broseph Stalin says:

can you make one of these videos for the mighty vaporizer please? Thank you for this video!!!!!

Sarah Bear says:

i just received a fake one and so far it hasn’t really worked

Jimmy Orama says:

Thank you very much for making this video

valveman12 says:

So if the fake works well…..Why not?
Fake Mighty works well and I have both the real and a fake.
The plastic in the fake Mighty holds up as well as the Original.
No odd tastes or odors using the Fake Mighty.
Bottom line: Fakes are getting better.
Personally, I think Storz & Bickel are over priced.
That is why people are buying fakes.

kenny baird says:

Where are the real ones made?

Carlos Ortiz says:

the fakes weigh also half as much dead give away lmfao no way it works the same not even close my volcano i didn’t even upkeep never changed filter for years abused it a lot worked for years and i got it used

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