Collection-Bag Assembly & Use for the Extreme-Q Vaporizer…

This could be THE first (and perhaps only) tutorial on how to assemble the Collection Bag for Arizer’s ‘Extreme-Q’ Vaporizer. The bottom seam of my Collection Bag recently began to leak vapor, so I needed to assemble my spare bag to use as a replacement, but no longer had my instructions to do so. This tutorial was inspired from the absurd amount of time I spent scouring the internet for instructions & tutorials, only to find none (except for a PDF of the original written instructions, copious effluence indecorously obfuscated throughout). Of the dozens I’ve seen, not one video showed how to assemble the bag.

If you’re new to the Extreme-Q, have one already, or are considering purchasing one, then watch this short video all the way through. In the first half, you will watch and learn how to assemble the Collection Bag. In the second half, you’ll see some ideas on how to vape with the Bag.

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(Also, be sure to see my review of the Extreme-Q, coming soon)!


NightHawk DayPuma says:

thank you so much never received instructions helped a bunch
P.S you just have to pull all of the airspace left inside the folded back plastic until its as thin as possible to get that second o ring on

Thao Truong says:

you amazing human! you’ve saved me from pulling my hair out!(:

John Zahner says:

it takes some muscles to put on the 2nd ring but with a little patience it will work.

Paul Betancourt says:

Idk if I’m late but I noticed the video is “4:20” long. Saw what you did there =]

1 AlaskanAssassin says:

Also an alternative to that hardest last step with the second O ring, would probably be just using a strong rubber band, that you could twist and loop making it tighter and tighter gradually, rather than wrastlin’ with that freaking ring as I did. 

David Smith says:

Thank you Brother 🙂

Michael Busher says:

Hi there. So basically I bought an EQ, and lost(roommates) both of the bags. I have been using the whip. Is there any way that I can construct my own bag? I’ve heard that turkey roaster bags work excellent, but im not sure what else I would need to make it airtight and connect the bag to the machine.

Lexie Marburger says:

Best demo/review for the EQ, by far!

Igor Ernst says:

my extreme q 2016 has a glass tube of the balloon and the mouthpiece is so designed that the glass for mixing herbs fit inside such steam does not leak out.

Lilly T says:

Before I watched this video, I was broke, hungry, and had no direction in life. I was lost and alone.

And now I’m baked as hell, broke, and hungry still, but I’ve found Jesus! I’m no longer alone! Hallelujah, I’ve found my path.

Oh. Wait. No. I’m just baked as hell and that’s actually a blanket in the corner.

Amy Lynn says:

i was going nuts until i found your video. thank you so much. any update on a plug/cork? so surprising the vape doesn’t come with one.

I Comment says:

IN ORDER TO GET THE SECOND RING ON, you must record 4:15-4:17, put it on loop, and press play WHILE you are putting the second ring on. Worked for me

Friendly Metroid says:

Using a piece of dental floss (you DO have some right?) makes the tough stage super easy. Just thread the floss through the o-ring, and then you can use it like a handle to pull the ring down, running the floss around the ring as you go. Slides down past the bulb in a couple passes.

1 AlaskanAssassin says:

Thank you this is a good tutorial. I did it basically this way prior to seeing this, but I’m getting some leakage, right around the mouthpiece. I only see the escaping vapor once it’s already out of the bag so I haven’t found the exact spot, but it seems to me either the O rings aren’t sealing off completely because the bag is folded in layers underneath it, and is letting vapor out that way, or I have a tear in the bag that I can’t see.  

Friendly Metroid says:

This helped me a ton. I found if you slide a peice of string through the second ring when you’re ready to slide it over, you can just pull down and move the string around in circles. Glides right over.

MediaPlusCulture says:

I prefer whip hits.

African Cichlids says:

dude i have a problem , i cant find the hole unless there is hair around it 😛 JKJK hahahah ; very educational im obviously watchign this video , i just purchased the same bags as you online , thanks for the video time to go vape STAY FADED

Lisanne Bond says:

After a couple of times it’s really easy to do… If you find that the o-rings are a little tough, just go to your hardware store and get the same size in the plumber section, they seem to be a little more pliable… If you’re like me with OCD, you can also get new plastic piping from your hardware store as well… 🙂

KaLAsHNikOvKiD The 1st says:

Instead of a cork to fit inside the mouthpiece I use a rubber/silicone cap that is used to cover small engine hoses when disconnected and it works perfectly, you can find them at hardware or automotive shops and possibly even Walmart

Eric W says:

Alternative that makes it easier: use one o-ring (have it in the center) and one thin medium rubber band. Instead of putting your finger in the bag as shown in video, put the glass piece in, about flush with the top of the bag, then gather it up as shown (not twisting). Now wrap the rubber band around the glass just above the lower bubble, keeping the o-ring there above and out of the way. Wrapping it around 5 or 6 times will be enough. Now as shown in the video, finish by pulling down the top of the bag and securing with the final o-ring. To me, that last part isn’t so tough, but threading the first oring and finding the center to poke the glass through was the pain part for me. This rubber band method avoids that.

Dandlco says:

Thanks Herbal! I needed this! Do you mind if I link this vid to my website?

runekey says:

I seriously dont know whats going on in the photos- how are there not any VIDEOS on the subject?

Rob Clark says:

Dear god thank you… Now I can do it much easier!!!!!

zach Boo says:

Can u use vinyl tubing to make a short whip for doing balloons????

thomas says:

ok, i have 2 tips
1: skipe the bands that arizer sends with the bags, buy elastic rubbber bands and you will be done assembying in no time. ‘
2. to do that, watch this video to learn the basics
3. (i cant count) tie the knot or what the hell its called tie it as far away from another word I dont know, let’s called it the mouth, so the air can move freely into das balloon

Paul mills says:

Sir i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart

yatb69 says:

I can now get the Vap back out. I could never tie these damn things. Took me 10min and done. I used a small flat blade spade, for the second o-ring just be careful not to cut the bag with the tool.

Cameron Deynzer says:

This is very sexual

Scott Maxwell says:

Thanks for the great vid man!  lost my instruction book, this was a huuuge help!

chickabuka says:

thanks for the bag tutorial,extreme Q is a great vape at a great price

ronin45v says:

Hey Friends, without a doubt, the squeezable soft ear plugs are the best thing to use to hold the vapor in. I left a bag plugged overnight and the vapor was still in there, all of it! 

Huan Pablo says:

I am so god damn high

Matthew D says:

thanks helpful … BUT …. VIDEO woulda been waaaaaaaaaaay better

Monique Bowes says:

I love how this video was 4mins 20 seconds long! Yesterday when I bought some attachments the change I received back was $4.20 🙂 

Armsauce says:

at 1:01, I can never get the hole to appear, there’s always just more bag in the way

UndrState says:

Fuckin’ brilliant! Thanks so much!

Russell Dumont says:

To stop vapor from escaping after taking the bag off – Next time you need to have blood work at the lab – Ask the phlebotomist for the rubber stopper from a red top tube (10 ml tube) – It fits perfectly over the glass fitting.

Clare Korth says:

Thank you so much.  I love  using the bag too 🙂  Peace and Love 

Lou Skunt says:

Thanks for this, I have one of these coming on Monday. You have a good way of explaining the process and you answered another question I had about using other types of bags normally used for kitchen use. Liked and subbed.

MrPicoSun says:

I use a Camelback mouthpiece on the end of the tube to keep vapor from escaping. It fits perfectly and all you need to do to take a hit is squeeze the end of the tip. Brilliant!

Court Mojo says:

life-saver thanks!! i hadnt realized because it was gradual, but my bad was leaking like CRAZY out of the bottom seam..and the taste fell off as well, again gradual. New bad and Voila!! huge thanks for the instruction, happy medicating bro

foresakenlion says:

Quick tip for you.

Use a zip tie on the bottom of the bag to insure the bottom seam does not burst open.

African Cichlids says:

nice tip on turkey bags ill try that when im out , i just used teflon tape for plumbing to seal the ends works well. happy vaping

yatb69 says:

Thank you sir! You have the perfect demeanor for giving instuctions.

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