Collection-Bag Assembly for Extreme-Q Vaporizer (Longer Version; Watch the 4:20 Version instead!)

Watch the shorter, updated video:

This is probably THE first and only tutorial on how to assemble the Collection Bag for Arizer’s ‘Extreme-Q’ Vaporizer. My Collection Bag recently began to leak a bit at the bottom seam, so I needed to assemble my spare bag to use as a replacement, but no longer had my instructions to do so. This tutorial– the first I’ve ever made (I don’t even have a video-camera!)– was inspired from my dumbfounded shock of the absurd amount of time I spent scouring the internet for instructions or tutorials, only to find none (except for a PDF of the original written instructions, copious effluence indecorously obfuscated throughout). Of the dozens I’ve seen, not one video showed how to assemble the bag.

If you’re new to the Extreme-Q, have one already, or are considering purchasing one then watch this short video all the way through.

In the first half, you will watch and learn how to assemble the Collection Bag.

In the second half, you’ll see some ideas on how to vape with the Bag.

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medicalhockey says:

thanks bud

RichoRosai says:

I tried the last step for 30 minutes and it just wasn’t going to happen. I eventually would have broken the damn fragile glass. I used a rubber band instead and it works perfectly.

Marc G says:

Its almost like Mr Rodgers is telling me how to set up my vape bag. LOL Thanks for the vid.

HerbalSweetleaf says:

You’re welcome; I’m glad to have been a help. Thanks for commenting and for the compliment! If you’d like to be notified of my next vids, please subscribe. :-)

drummerrrrrrrrrr says:

If you have a headshop near you see if they have black friday deals!! I am buying this for $100 dollars tomorrow 🙂 The volcano digit is 250 which is also a great deal. but i don’t see the point in spending the money

Moe says:

Thanks for this man, I just discovered ive been vaping with that rubber side down…

HerbalSweetleaf says:

@MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane: Only the purist and cleanest of all smokes, Robin. 🙂

HerbalSweetleaf says:

No problem, thank you for commenting. I appreciate the praise, because making a good-quality video tutorial without an actual video camera takes quite a bit of effort & time (thus the limited selections of videos I’ve made… I actually have a decent amount of info to share about the Extreme-Q, but I’m slowly working on more!) Subscribe to be alerted to my new vids as I post ’em! High vibes & happy vaping, Mate!

HerbalSweetleaf says:

@TheGrahams Thanks for the compliment… I’d noticed a couple vids here on YouTube, but still don’t know much about using waxes with TItanium nails, but thanks too for the heads-up!

Neil Perrin says:

Thanks for the video and you’re a fantastic narrator! It’d be cool to see some more videos 🙂

aBossyJellyfish says:

Hey dude. Thanks for the video! It really helped. My old bag ripped. 🙁

As for a ‘cork’ for the glass end pieces, I use ear plugs. Just squeeze them and stick them in end piece. They’ll expand and plug the hole. They work great for me, and I get them for free from work. 😀


Jake Jordan says:


HerbalSweetleaf says:

Sweet! I can only imagine that you’ll love it… And I didn’t even make my Extreme-Q Review & Tutorial Video yet! I saved a lot of cash by price-shopping for my unit on Amazon.

HerbalSweetleaf says:

Great idea, & thanks for your response! Those MAY be too wide. The best corks I’ve found to keep the vapor from escaping out of the mouthpieces are EarPlanes, silicone earplugs “for kids & smaller ears” for “protection from flight ear discomfort”. Similar earplugs of adult size are too big for this purpose, thought the kid-sized EarPlanes fit absolutely perfectly. As a bonus, the 4 ribbed rings encircling one side of the plugs are great for securing a string to tether the plug to the mouthpiece.

Wulver says:

Fuck this second o-ring. Fuck it to hell

HerbalSweetleaf says:

The rubber on the Cyclone Bowl? Dayam! Well, now you’ll find it much easier to manage… That rubber (when undamaged anyways) remains cool enough to touch for a good half-hour or longer. Glad I could help… Happy vaping!

Valentin says:

How long do you let it blow into the ballon? in minutes ?^^ and grad?

HerbalSweetleaf says:

@FronbondiSkegs: Dynamite, thanks! I’m actually about ready to re-record it down into a video that’s only 4:20, though I’m finding it challenging to succinctly say everything I’d like to say.

HerbalSweetleaf says:

Thanks for commenting. Yup… This thing really is manufactured well & has more versatility than most vaporizers on the market, including those that are twice the price as this! Some people insist on purchasing only though an “authorized dealer”, but then again– some people get paid to say that. Since I’m not getting any compensation from anybody for these vids, I can tell you that Amazon has had them for $165 or so, but shop around & be sure to score the remote & all the accessories with it!

hendrix says:

lies! they dont sell for less then $199.99 if they do its a scam!!! because the canadian government has placed a min price sales law on vaporizers from canada this vaporizer is made and from canada and the min sale law on it is $199.99 so dont go on youtube just to lie! look up that where you go to buy this for the best price

GINNERMAN123 says:

Awesome! Thanks mate, just came in useful;)

TommiBCTFU says:

Thanx buying one

HerbalSweetleaf says:

For a moment, I thought that strange things were afoot here at Herbal Sweetleaf’s tutorials… I remember writing you a response, thanking you for your comment & for sharing that great info to the “vaping community”, yet I don’t see my reply here at all… But I just dug deeper & discovered that you copied your helpful info onto BOTH of my collection-bag tutorials. Brilliant! You rock, ScottishZombie!

TheGrahams says:

I used to think that a vape was the be all end all of smoking…

Then I got a TI nail and waxes…

Cool video.

HerbalSweetleaf says:

Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!

crlsvalle says:

hey man thanks so much. I just got mine in the mail and had no idea what to do, your video was awesome

HerbalSweetleaf says:

Thanks for commenting… I’m glad to help! Thanks too for your ear-plug recommendation! I’ll be releasing a new series of vids soon, all regarding the Extreme-Q, so be sure to subscribe!

scottishzombie says:

I just got my Extreme Q vape and can’t be happier with my purchase. I saw your video and I found that a 5/16″ screw protector works perfectly for capping off the glass mouthpiece on the balloon; these can be picked up at any Home Depot. While you’re there, be sure to pick up some replacement O-rings – #7 (1/2″ OD x 3/8″ ID x 1/16″) are the perfect replacements. Thanks Herbal for posting these awesome videos and happy vaping to all!

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