Arizer Extreme Q vs. Volcano Vaporizer: Which Is Better?

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It’s time for a showdown! In today’s video I’m going to be comparing to of the most popular desktop vaporizers on the market to see which one ultimately comes out on top.

The first contender is the Volcano Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel which just happens to be one of my all time favourite vaporizers. And there’s absolutely no question that its best balloon vaporizer that I’ve ever used.

And the second contender is the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. This vaporizer is a ‘jack of all trades’ vape that’s absolutely loaded with cool features and add-ons and it’s available for sale for around just HALF of the price of the Volcano!

And in my ‘Arizer Extreme Q vs Volcano Vaporizer’ comparison I’m going to go over the main pros and cons of each device and I’ll be judging them on four different categories: first impressions, features, easy of use and vape quality.

In summary though if you are looking for something that’ll give you SERIOUS bang for your buck, that’s PACKED with features and that comes with an incredibly low price tag then go for the Extreme Q. It’s an awesome device and a real bargain.

Or if you have a bit more to spend and you want to go ‘all out’ and don’t want to settle for anything less but the very best vaping experience that vaporizers can offer you and ESPECIALLY if you are big fan of balloon vapes like I am then the Volcano Vaporizer is definitely the way to go. It’s just such freaking awesome vape and the moment you try one of these bad boys… you will instantly ‘get’ what all of the fuss is about!

Ultimately though I did have to declare the Volcano the winner overall. The vape quality that you get from it is just so insanely good and every aspect of the product is so incredibly well designed that it just has to come out on top.


ainsleywainsley says:

omfg your so yelly

CultOfWeirdness says:

I love my extreme Q. they now have glass on glass bag connectors

sunshinethor420 says:

Volcano vapes are literally twice the price to only have access to 1 method of vaping. If you REALLY like those bags i guess but for someone not trying to spend $300 on a machine that can ONLY do bags? naw. Ill stick with my Alarm clock function to have my morning bag filled up the same time my coffee finishes.

Fj Bs says:

Horrible music ….

ZED Z says:

Double the length of the volcano bag and cook on 220…you’ll get way more out of your herb. Great vid mate 

Law Dawg says:

my friend has the Arizer

kriyaad haripersad says:

U funny can’t u got that zebra from kmart

Matt Germeyer says:

dear god use a compressor

paul walker says:

overall extreme q is much better than the volcano. the whip is the best way to get smashed! F the bag on both vapes but the whip is an option with the extreme q. the volcano is bag only. the bag tends to waste a bit if vape no matter what. that is why extteme q wins for me plus its cheaper and lifetime warranty just like the volcano.

hello world says:

you have an annoying voice. but good video thanks 😀

Igor Ernst says:

Extreme Q also it has a cap for the balloon.
A glass mixing tool not only for mixing herbs and mashing, but also fits nicely into the mouthpiece, the steam does not leak out.

Ivan Ivan says:

who got a extra volcano

SubFlow22 says:

Where I live, I would prefer the plain packaging of the Arizer over that of the Volcano.

DrHofmann1975 says:

gr8 review man!!!!!! thanks. keep on… 😉

Vaporizer Freak says:

Extreme Q VS Volcano: The Ultimate Showdown!

SoCal Pilot says:

I’ve had my volcano since they first came out. I think 2007? Anyway it still works fine

Colonel Snooze says:

Excellent video with great energy and information
Only thing I can say is your sound quality is a little low, but s’all goood.

TheSerpentKing says:

good vid, thanks! I’m going with the extreme q. its cheaper and the volcano looks like some sort of 70s kitchen equipment

toobroke2fight says:

my Volcano digit saves me $ on herb! I use the temp settings to get many bags of vapor out of every bowl. I also save my vape pens used herb and get a lot out of that too! I love the Volcano…. but if I saw the extreme Q before buying my Volcano????? maybe id own one now. I did just buy one for $50 with no attachments and im donating it to a patient. I kinda like it though… Once i get what it needs to work it will prob be $100 or so. Worth the $ to help this old guy stop smoking it! his Dr said he had to stop smoking totally. Im not saying that i wont try the unit out before I donate it…. I have to be sure it operates safely….. right?

James Billings says:

u can’t compare the digital arizer against a non digital volcano vaporizer when theres digital models of the volcano

anthony manjion says:

Great vids, no idea why your channel is so small o.O

PSVR420 says:

love my cano digit (6+ years now) but we are going to pick up an extreme q for my mate today 😀

sunshinethor420 says:

Dude, Giving favor to the volcano because it comes in a better box seems silly

Daniel Kluge says:

Thanks for review.

pescod96 says:

hi is it possible to just use the extreme Q with a whip device to inhale directly instead of using a balloon??

Be GLaD says:

volume is here 10 bring it down to like here 7

bobobob1230 says:

tip for future videos turn down the volume god damn

Jack Schroeder says:

Where can I get this sweatshirt

DiabolicalJoker says:

you look like the dude from The League

Dankrupt says:

just bought the extreme q yesterday, im so fucking excited to get it in a few days. been using the mflb for the past 2 years so i hope its an upgrade

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