I got this machine about a month ago. This is the first bag I did. No test bags pryor. I didn’t record the set up. It took a few minutes. I like that u can vape and make edibles with the ABV. Buy one


Amar Uzicanin says:

everything for you seems hard, lmao

Kyle I. says:

Do you still use yours? Does it still hold up after all this time? I am thinking of purchasing one.

cdath1 says:

Lol “very healthy (cough cough) Very nice (cough cough) . Just bought one and it arived today….awesome product that doesnt cost 800 like the volcano

Brendan J says:

i recommend for the best hits, start your vapes off on the lower end of the spectrum, say 150degrees C, you find you get a lot more flavors specifically, and then after first bag then up the temps to say 175, and then 200 for 3rd bag… you’re pretty f\shitfaced by that point xD

Kathi Kay says:

does it combust and burn up. or just vape

Rickodle5 says:

How does it taste and what is the highest fan speed?

Charles C says:

quit smoking you idiot and turn the lights on fucken weirdo

C Bradley says:

just ordered it. waiting is the worst!

Bob Mackelmore says:

“looking very very healthy” as he’s smoking a cigarette.

Gene Parmesan says:

What temp Fahrenheit did you do that bag at? It was pretty cloudy

Brendan J says:

holy shit man how much herb did you put in there.. gahahahahah

greenbag says:

I use 216C / 420F.

ainsleywainsley says:

lmao at the commentary

Al Inama says:

Yes kyle Irish I still have mine and still use it all the time about 4 times a week but like all day,not just a bowl. It stands up to the test really good. I’m glad I bought it and you won’t regret it. Thanks for watching.

Chris says:

He is coughing from throat irritation from hot air and weed. IT’s vape so it’s not unhealthy.

Jack Dell says:

I swear we had a chat on omeagle!!

Smalltownbrewer1 says:

ya healthy….. cough cough smoke smoke. Maybe clean your nails…. and you’ll get a woman

Abraham Espinosa says:

ebay for a buck fity

CruSheRoO91 says:

very nice! *keuch* veery nice *keuchkeuch*

David Gregory says:

He has it turned up way to hi!

Charles C says:

quit smoking you idiot and turn the lights on fucken weirdo

asb0man 11 says:

have you got any shit in it

chinn choppa says:

I put mine at 220

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