Arizer Extreme Q Review: One Feature PACKED Vaporizer!

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The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer is a vape that aims to give you all of the same high end features that you would expect from higher end devices (like the Volcano Vaporizer for example) but without the expensive price tag.

But is this vaporizer well built? Does it give a good vape? Is it worth buying? We’ll all will be revealed in my Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer review videos!

On first impressions I found that although the Extreme Q comes in a fairly plain packaging the devices itself looks really nice and modern and it’s also extremely lightweight. Furthermore it looks really discreet too and I doubt anyone would question what this thing is.

But what I REALLY liked about the Extreme Q was the insane amount of features that this thing comes with. For example the Arizer Extreme Q vape can do both ‘whip vaping’ AND ‘balloon vaping’ which is something that very, very few vaporizers are capable of. Hell the Volcano Vaporizer clocks in at over double the price and even that can’t do whip vaping!

On top of that though the Extreme Q is the ONLY device that I’ve ever seen that comes with it’s very own remote control so that you can turn the device on and off even from a distant.

And furthermore the device also comes with a tonne of other features including a digital LCD diplay and a forced air fan too!

The only slightly disappointing aspect that I found to this device was that the balloon vaping element of it was not as well done as some of the other balloon vapes that I have seen. It’s to be expected because of the lower price tag but basically the Extreme Q just is a bit more ‘fiddly’ when it comes to balloons and it also takes a lot longer to fill them up.

That being said though this still is a really great device and if you are looking for a vaporizer that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck… then I doubt you’re going to find any other vaporizer on the market that has this many features for this little cost.

And that’s why I’m giving the Arizer Extreme Q a vape rating of 8.5/10!


Vaporizer Freak says:

Taking the Extreme Q for a spin…

TheMacMan2324 says:

I’m on a mobile device and the link to get an extreme Q can you please post where to get the authentic ones at in the comment section do not want to buy a fake one extreme Q please and thank you

asb0man 11 says:

smoking origami

toobroke2fight says:

I was thinking of a cheap way to keep the vapor in the bag. I have a Camelback water system that carries water on your back in a pouch. It has tubing similar to this and they make an on/off valve to stop water flow. It has two male nipples that fit inside the tubing and you could use it to control the vapor. Its around $10 for the valve and I know you can buy “quick release” connections also. If I needed a cheap way to control vapor thats where id look. The unit will restrict the flow, but i usually vape with only 1/4 of my lung capacity vapor and the rest room air. Just my $.02

Sparrow TV says:

I just picked one up yesterday. I will always recommend it. I have tried other machines (except the Volcano) and in a $229 price incl delivery I am very satisfied.

Bullsfan23 gg says:

You can also buy like pulperie and put it in the chamber to make your room smell good after the sesh:)

TheBobwatermellon says:

your voice…just stop

Olivia Hart says:

Just got mine and it’s WONDERFUL. I THINK I like the whip better because it looks more lady like than the bag hahahah but they both produce good vapor and the aroma cup works EXCELLENTLY. I put lavender leaves in the bowl with a few drops of oil and it deodorizes the room. All u have to do is turn the fan on low and it permeated half of my house.

JUST REMEMBER to slide the battery out of the remote and take the plastic covering off of the battery and reinsert it.

I give this an A minus because the price was the same as most lower end portables and it has dual functions. The minus comes it because the balloon doesnt have a valve to trap the vapor in

Curt W. says:

I absolutely love mine…i also have a chinese clone of the Storz and Bickel volcano…it is also AMAZING!  I’d purchase from DHgate…great prices and clones function amazing…The Arizer is just as good as Storz and Bickel volcano for a 1/3 of the price.  Don’t get ripped off consumers don’t support greedy companies like Storz and Bickel…their prices are crazy!

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