Arizer Extreme Q – Review & Demonstration!

Learn all about my tabletop vape! I tell you what I think about the Arizer Extreme Q and as I demonstrate both methods of use. In uner a minute I vape a whole bag to myself 🙂
This piece in my collection is one of my favorites for a group sesh; watch to learn why!

Arizer Extreme Q:



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Heidy-e CROW says:

Great video, thanks so much for the review. I’ll be buying one today, lucky me!

Turdi Nator says:

Looking at your eyes before and after the bag has made my mind up lol,just ordered one thanks for the review and demo

ludovic archambault says:

I did not get the name of this thing in your jar … what is that paquet called and what is it for ?

Smalltownbrewer1 says:

your so hot lol

King Kendrick says:


AtlasGaveUp says:

Thanks, finally a review from someone that can smoke! Every one usually is some dumb kid failing at being cool and smoking/vaping wrong on camera then wondering “why don’t it work that good, derp!?”…I do giggle but hard to get an idea of what I want to buy when they suck at everything.

I actually decided to go ahead and get this one after watching. Been wanting to switch to vaping mainly because I can tell the smoking (…I smoke a lot) is starting to have too much of an effect on my voice and can’t be doing me any obvious favors for my lungs in the future.

AznKILLER says:

got damn you remind me of dory/ jenna marbles

Christopher Reyes says:

why arent there any more videos??!!

Model M Ibm says:

Mine just arrived today. One of my favorite purchases ever. Love it. This was one of the video guides I watched to help me decide which vape to get.

voidremoved says:

no humidity packets.

Bradley Raines says:

lol before and after finishing the bag

Matt McMurray says:

Keep posting videos this was fantastic!

Jesse Kenny says:

awesome. Thanx. buying one online right now. cool beans…

Ron Muller says:

If you like doing bags I would recommend adding the all glass mini whip.

Mario K says:

You can change to Fahrenheit by clicking the menu button six times.


Does this give more vapor than the portable Arizer Air? and is this true
convection like the Volcano but more than the Arizer Air?

J W says:

If you own one of these then do yourself a favor and get the DDave mod. Amazing in my opinion

Chris Donis says:

Got one coming tomorrow, so I searched for a tutorial. Yours is by far my favorite. Your eyes after the bag made me giggle like an excited school girl haha. Cant wait to try it out. Liked and subscribed.

Elias says:

I was looking for a volcano and stumbled upon the Extreme Q Arizer and now I’m looking at any all reviews of it before buying.   Thanks for your video is was very informative, and hilarious, I’m thinking about getting this now.

shortfatgunguy says:

Love your dog!!

sichunu Wong says:

how many bags can you fill with the amount of weed you show in the vid? thankyou

flamefan1 says:

I’m considering getting one of these to use with my medical cannabis, only question I have is whether this is convection or conduction heat. I’ve read that if it’s convection I can use the weed afterwards for edibles. Thanks for the video!

Julian P says:

lol this is the best arizer extreme review.

Adam says:

Very enjoyable, thank you!

Fae says:

Thanks for this vid! I just got this beauty and tried it for the first time with the whip. Can’t wait to try the bag too.

timspellman47 says:

I have had one for a little over a year and it’s great. However I use my Arizer Air a lot more.

Kim Sanders says:

You fine lols

Stefan Batory says:

Haha,nice one!

Gene Parmesan says:

Jeez that thing got you ripped lmao

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