Arizer Extreme Q Amsterdam vapebuster team review by vaporizer blog //
420 | The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review while smoking weed- an initial look while smoking weed at this marvelous device. This is a video review of the Arizer Extreme Q or Extreme-Q made by our VapeBusters team in Amsterdam for The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is much quieter than the Extreme (77%), has a triple heat sensor system, ‘fast heat’ ceramic heat, and a clear view LCD screen and a remote control.


Janet Fox says:

Be careful not to get ripped of.. Oh and you probably will have a hard time getting your warranty honored by Arizer if you buy from Ebay or Amazon. Just get it from an authorized reseller no mather what.

Jimmy Nguyen says:

LOL doing it at a party would be funny as hell

Wilt Williams says:

Respect your opinion about the top 10 but Volcano is 100 times better than the Arizer Extreme Q, i have both used a lot..

Scott Farcus says:

why do you people mix tobacco with your weed????!!!!!

Amanda Candow says:

I have the Arizer Vtower n I pack the herb in the elbow screen of the whip- set the temp at 410 and get a PERFECT cloud of vapor!

B1GT3X4S says:

Sad that nobody is there to show them how to use it… You gotta set that thing at 420+ degrees °F to really get vapor worth smoking for a quick high, and not be there forever sucking on the whip or balloons….. 4 people should be feeling great with 2 full bags of…use just enough weed to do the job for 2 bags, then toss… Hit it with an other pinch of EXTRA ground up herb that is as dry, but fresh as possible… Vaping is more; with this instrument, its an art form..

Ranners says:

the best review ever!

Janet Fox says:

Yes, popcorn smell. If you overdo it.. burned popcorn smell. But way less then using other methods.

Stanisław Lem says:

lmfao they are used to see smoke coming out, thus they think they’re getting high placebo style but actually, they’re really really really stoned.

dashboard spiritual says:

HAHAHAHA nothing makes me laugh more than potheads sounding ‘intelligent’ about pot(Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I am one) In all seriousness, do yourself a favor, stop trying to decide which unit you’re gonna get and just go with this one. I have a V-Tower extreme. It’s 5 years old and works every bit as good as it did the day I got it. This is the most affordable, last lasting unit around. Oh and to add a lttle mositure, fill a balloon, put it through a bong and then you’re perfect.

silkface says:

It has its ups and downs.

Maq uief says:

yeah man a remote controll is crazy…

Matthew D. says:

lol at the people in this video

azzaro21245 says:

I have a Da Vinci portable vaporizer but I find that it requires the user to pack a lot of weed and only outputs small amounts of vapor. Plus it is super harsh on my throat and makes me cough a lot, even though I’ve been smoking for years. Let’s say that I wanted to vaporize about 0.5 grams , would this device put out a large quantity of vapor

bountyhunter555 says:

i think it’s because smoking in general is more popular there compared to here in the states

TheOzzboss says:

people in america smoke tobacco with there weed all the time its called a Blunt. :))

Mandama004 says:

I bought this from a friend for $60 (barely used) and a brand new bag kit and elbow joint for about $40 total (with 2 day shipping).

This is, literally, the best investment I have ever made. As a daily toker of over 15 years, one of my biggest issues is that I have terrible asthma, so the bag is an incredible improvement to my lungs.

Plus, we used the vaped stuff to make edibles.

Worth it, trust me!

Janet Fox says:

Thanks for the compliments.. Yeah I remember the first time when I was thinking I didn’t get enough. Then after 10 mins like you said: BAM. There is a slight learning curve when you start vaping but the rewards are worth it.

bigkarem says:

we are just used to it, was the way we were taught to roll (most of us) however another issue is in the UK anyway its expensive and mixing with some tobacco you can roll bigger and more joints from a bag then if you just rolled straight however. Because of this smoking a pure joint makes me cough like some kind of little beetch . i do want to make the transition mainly because nicotine is addictive as hell and i hate wanting to smoke a cig when i dnt have a joint

FogellofDot says:

tobacco free way of smoking cannabiss????

FireLordIzumi says:

Fun fact: Jewish people don’t have an actual accent because it’s just a set of religious beliefs and has nothing to do with how you talk except for a few words that are common among Jewish communities (but that’s not accent.)

Jewish people often are given slightly different accents in media to help further differentiate them from the average person – usually to make jokes a bit more obvious.

But I agree. He’s not dutch. Very obviously not Dutch.

Tom Skerrit says:

i’m getting mine tomorrow i’ll weigh it if you still aren’t sure.

A butt says:

I take some issue with the way they used the whip on this.
I’ve had one and have had a chance to play with it for around 5 months now and have learned a lot of neat little tricks.

I first tried the whip the same way they did, and it worked to an extent, but I wasn’t getting the output of vapor I expected. I poked around and asked some more experienced users and found a method that resonated really well with me. Rather than place your bud in the larger bottom chamber which works well for balloons, you pack it into the elbow piece of your whip.

Pack it while the EQ4 pre heats anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, turn on the fan if you feel you want it to heat faster, and place it on when you’re ready to hit.
The first will have flavor, the second will give you a big hit of a cloud in one go, and begin to taper down in vapor production after about 4 or so hits.

For the smoothest and most effective way to produce vapor, I keep it at 185-195 Celsius. Its the best money I’ve ever spent, and I’ve made laughably small grinder scraps last me a few days.

All done? Then turn up the heat to around 210, and pack your avb for an extra 3 or 4 hits.
Vaporizers are my main piece purely because you get to use the same bud twice.

Janet Fox says:

Yes, you can change the temperature.

Monster Hesh says:

well obviously it is going to be better when the price is that stupidly high. Most people can’t afford it and frankly nobody needs it, the extreme q is a much more affordable unit

zNazaretu says:

I’m sold.

Alex Caceres says:

not all countries have access to the same amount of weed, we pay through the roof for our bags.

sifcakes says:


Alex Hale says:

i do bongs with tobacco and weed so do most people i know

SanchezStylez says:

try out and 2:59min !

Kamil Menning says:

So i can do it manually; if i make temp higher the thc vaporises better and i’ll get higher ?

sai the king says:

elbow pack?

Janet Fox says:

Thanks we’ll have a look:)

sifcakes says:

a lot of aussies too

66stabmastaarson says:

Every cent you spend on this could have been better spent on a volcano. People will try to say its the same thing but this machine is the most poorly designed vape on themarket for the price. there are at least a dozen superior vapes out there for 50 bucks or less. If your going to spend over 50 or 100 on a vape just get a volcano or you will end up with this piece of 2-300 dollar garbage. Its also not compact because due to poor design the bag loads out the side and takes up and entire table

originalcripler says:

I hope so I just bought this one and I hope it is worth the 230 dollars I spent on it.

For the love of the money says:

Hey man, I just got mine in the mail a little while ago, and using the whip I suck deep and slow and its a really herbal flavor if you’ve never tasted vaped bud before, and its surprisingly cool to the lungs, dont get me wrong, a mammoth hit will have you wheezin, but its definitely cool, and the bag method works like a charm i reallly recommend this vape, using the fan on speed one with the whip i feel makes it even cooler.

Janet Fox says:

Yes the high lasts. I believe on our blog it is the top vaporizer because it is so versatile for beginners and easy to use. 4.5 stars out of 5 for that.

Billy Lenz says:

So does it even get you high?

LaWLF4iL says:

these people know nothing about weed lmao. He’s trying to describe sativa thinking its like that because of the vape.

jsnowbrien says:

Can anyone that bought their Extreme Q from a half of a rised dealer tell me the actual weight that unit itself I want to confirm that mine is legit.

Borohead1130 says:

it’s still cheaper just to buy one for 125-150$ than 250$. The thing that goes the most is the heat or cove3r and you can easily get another one

Kamil Menning says:

Does this vapourizer change temperature of it’s heating or it’s constant?

Dazanar says:

I’m happy with my arizer e.q    I prefer the bag to the whip and it DEFINITELY will NOT  go far at a PARTY. Sadly,  but i do love the vape. It’s awesome. I can usually get 4-6 good hits from one bag or sit on the whip for a few minutes depending on how much was packed.  I’m usually high off 1 or 2 hits if i give it a minute or two to fully kick in.  its efficient   luv it 🙂 hope that helps

Janet Fox says:

Yeah it does, but to make sure it is really cold I’d recommend that your friend uses the bag system. This cools it down and you can wait a bit for it to cool down.

david hill says:

I’ve had this vape for almost 3 years now. It still looks, feels & performs as if it were a brand new machine. You will not be disappointed

Abdulrahman Alhowaish says:

i live in Europe, I am not a european. I guess you could say they smoke with tobacco cause they find it too hard without…

Tim Cole says:

Can anyone advise on how much smell is given off with this model?I usually go out in the garden to have a spliff but I am wondering if you used this in your bedroom with the door shut would anyone else be able to smell it?Thanks

DJ Bmazed says:

When using a vaporizer, does it leave any trace of smell compare to a roll up joint or glass bowl?

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